NASCIO Technology Champion Award Overview

The NASCIO Technology Champion Award honors outstanding contributions in the field of information technology in the public sector. Award recipients understand the fundamental role IT can play in efficient and effective government operations and advocate for sound IT solutions, policies and practices.

Nominations for the 2016 award closed January 22, 2016.  The award recipient will be announced during the 2016 NASCIO Midyear Conference May 3-5, 2016 in Baltimore, MD.

Nominees must be an elected or appointed official representing federal, state or local government.  Academicians, authors, journalists or individuals from the nonprofit or private sector are also eligible.

Nominations will be accepted from NASCIO members and non-members.  NASCIO staff may also nominate outstanding individuals they encounter in the course of their work.

The NASCIO Technology Champion is an individual whose personal leadership has made a critical contribution to the effective use of information technology in the public sector. His/her contribution may have cross-jurisdictional impact or be in a specific category (government efficiency, homeland security, healthcare, education, information security, research, etc.).  The Technology Champion is also an innovator whose work has made demonstrable impacts to advance information technology as an effective tool for government.

The final determination of the NASCIO Technology Champion is made by the NASCIO Executive Committee.

NASCIO Technology Champion Award Recipients

Ann Barron-DiCamillo 2016 Recipient:
Ann Barron-DiCamillo, Former Director, United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team, Department of Homeland Security

John R. Kasich 2015 Recipient:
John R. Kasich, Governor, State of Ohio

Dave McClure 2014 Recipient:
Dave McClure, Associate Administrator, Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies, U.S. General Services Administration

William Pelgrin 2013 Recipient:
William Pelgrin, President & CEO of the Center for Internet Security

Dr. Alan Shark 2012 Recipient:
Dr. Alan Shark, CEO and Executive Director, PTI

Aneesh Chopra 2011 Recipient:
Aneesh Chopra, United States Chief Technology Officer

Vivek Kundra 2011 Recipient:
Vivek Kundra, United States Chief Information Officer

Martin O'Malley 2010 Recipient:
Martin O'Malley, Governor, Maryland

Tom Carper 2009 Recipient:
Tom Carper, Senator, Delaware

Peter Harkness 2008 Recipient:
Peter Harkness, Editor and Publisher, Governing Magazine

Cathilea Robinett 2007 Recipient:
Cathilea Robinett, Executive Director, Center for Digital Government

Michael Leavitt 2006 Recipient:
Secretary Michael Leavitt, US Department of Health and Human Services

Jerry Mechling 2005 Recipient:
Jerry Mechling, Lecturer in Public Policy, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

Jim Geringer 2004 Recipient:
Jim Geringer, Governor of Wyoming 1995 – 2003

Tom Davis 2003 Recipient:
Congressman Tom Davis, US House of Representatives, Virginia