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Stu Davis
Chief Information Officer and Assistant Director
Department of Administrative Services

(614) 644-6446

Year Appointed: 2011


Stu Davis currently serves as the State Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Assistant Director for the Ohio Department of Administrative Services (DAS), Office of Information Technology (OIT). Stu has a varied background in IT leadership and management, including infrastructure, enterprise shared services, and spatial technologies. Prior to his appointment as State CIO, Stu served as the State Chief Operating Officer and deputy director of the Infrastructure Services Division within DAS/OIT.

As the State Chief Information Officer, Stu leads, oversees and directs state agency activities related to information technology development and use. As Assistant Director of DAS, Stu oversees the Office of Information Technology (OIT) which delivers statewide information technology and telecommunication services to state government agencies, boards and commissions as well as manages IT procurement, policy and standards development, lifecycle investment planning and privacy and security management.

Stu serves as Chair of the Multi-Agency Radio Communications System (MARCS) Steering Committee that supports voice and data communications for statewide public safety and emergency management. He also chairs the Ohio Geographically Referenced Information Program (OGRIP) Council that provides geographic information systems (GIS) coordination across the state between all levels of government and chairs the Emergency Services IP Network (ESINet) Steering Committee that focuses on Ohio’s Next Generation 911 solution.

Stu is a 16 year member and past president of the National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC). He is a 4+ year member of the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO). Stu has served on various NASCIO committees as well as the executive board. He also served as Secretary/Treasurer, Vice President and currently serves as the President.

Stu’s career spans 35 years focused on state and local government with 12 years of hands on experience in local government, 18 years in state government and 5 years in the private sector consulting to state and local government on IT/GIS initiatives.

Other Information

CIO Statute: ORC 125.18

IT Office Authority: Multi-Agency Radio Communications System (MARCS), Telecommunications, Ohio Geographically Referenced Information Program (OGRIP), Ohio Data Network, IT Procurement, IT Policy

IT Procurement Responsibility: Ohio Office of Information Technology

Special Projects: Ohio Administrative Knowledge System (ERP), Network Consolidation, Desktop Hardware/Software Standardization, Email Consolidation


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