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2010 Awards: Digital Government: Government to Business (G to B)

Nevada - Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles' Vehicle Information Database

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles’ Vehicle Identification Database (VID) is a web-based, real-time system that allows communication between the department’s vehicle database and emissions testing stations.

More than 1.5 million vehicles in Washoe and Clark counties, the two most populous counties in the state, are required to pass an emissions test in order to be registered. The emissions testing stations throughout the state are, for the most part, privately owned.

In 2000, the department instituted a system allowing motorists to renew the registrations of gasoline-powered vehicles at emissions stations and avoid an office visit, relying on a third-party contractor to run the network. When a vehicle is tested, the results are immediately transmitted to the department. From the beginning, there were difficulties with the system. Motorists paid a contractor transaction fee, and stations were required to reconcile their records with the contractor’s records. Informational material had to be printed and distributed, and minor changes in state law would often render the materials obsolete. Updating the stations’ software was difficult, and adding a station required third-party cooperation.

Also, prior to the implementation of the department’s VID, diesel emissions stations were not networked and used paper-based Diesel Vehicle Inspection Report books. The stations were required to submit to the department paper copies of the certificates they issued monthly.

The department’s Motor Vehicle Information Technology (MVIT) Division tackled the system’s problems in May 2006. Implementation of the VID began in July 2007 and was statewide by April 2008. The web-based system connects both gasoline and diesel emissions stations in real time for business rules and certificate repository. The department’s access to data even during a test is a valuable tool in preventing fraud. The VID also allows the department to activate or deactivate a station, inspector or analyzer with a single key stroke.

Because the VID eliminated the third-party transaction fee, Nevada motorists save in excess of $3 million annually.

“The Nevada DMV’s Vehicle Identification Database is not only a system that works better than the third-party system it replaced, it saves the Nevada taxpayers more than $3 million a year. It’s a prime example of the innovation and skill of our state workers.”
Governor Jim Gibbons, State of Nevada

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