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2010 Awards: Data, Information and Knowledge Management

Pennsylvania - PA Child Support Portal

In Pennsylvania, roughly 1 in 10 people are involved in the Department of Public Welfare’s Child Support Enforcement Program as a custodial parent, non-custodial parent, beneficiary or employer.

Customer service being a prime component of program administration, it was evident that customer “self- service” needed to be the primary approach. But how can accurate, timely, and meaningful information be made available to child support customers cost-effectively while providing personalized service to each customer?

The solution was to provide citizens with a comprehensive “one stop” portal for 24x7 child support customer service and information delivery. This information must be consistent across communication channels such as integrated voice recognition, customer help desk, and web self service.

By reducing the time spent answering common questions, case workers now focus their time on locating absent parents, establishing orders and monitoring compliance. By improving data accuracy, they also spend less time updating case information. Further, the burden on other social service programs has been reduced by having the non-custodial parent contribute to the child’s financial well being and medical insurance. Employers are able to provide accurate information about non-custodial parents, enabling faster income attachment which leads to increased collections. These improvements in service have helped Pennsylvania become one of the leading child support programs in the country by making it easy, cost effective, fast, and more accurate for citizens to interact with the program.

The Realized Return on Investment

  • $1,462,268.40 saved due to customer demographic updates.
  • Greater confidence in electronic service delivery mechanisms such as e-disbursement and e-collections which saved $50,000,000 over five years.
  • Approximately $7,810,000 saved through reduced numbers of “no shows” to appointments.
  • Approximately $430,000 saved as money on-hold is released to payees.
“Child support is about more than money; it’s about improving the quality of life for children and families throughout the commonwealth. The PA Child Support Portal has fundamentally transformed the way parents interact with Pennsylvania’s child support program, as well as the way case workers do their jobs.”
Brenda Orth, Chief Information Officer, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

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