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2011 Awards: Data, Information and Knowledge Management

Michigan - Department of Human Services Decision Support System

In Michigan, more than 1,000 Department of Human Services (DHS) county managers in 115 DHS offices across the state use enterprise data distributed to their desktop to make decisions locally and better target services to their local communities and beneficiaries.

The Bridges Information Management Mart (BRIMM) extracts caseload information nightly from the DHS eligibility determination and benefit issuance system (known as Bridges). This localized data is then used by management in the assignment of caseloads, and to build and maintain dashboard reports and outcome measurement reports specific to each county office. This same system aggregates client information across multiple systems into one place. This helps significantly hasten the benefit redetermination process.

BRIMM has helped DHS county managers move from a reactive mode to a proactive, forward-looking mode. In so doing, DHS has dramatically improved caseworker productivity, management productivity, and, perhaps most importantly, citizen wellbeing by making data-driven decisions locally and quickly. BRIMM vividly illustrates the evolution of the enterprise data warehouse in Michigan — a major agency using data prospectively to positively affect outcomes and improve the operations of state government.

Corporate Partners: Optum, SAP, Teradata

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California Courts Protective Order Registry

North Dakota
ND Dept. of Public Instruction's Direct Certification

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The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Game Management Solution

Colorado Integrated Criminal Justice Information System (CICJIS)

Enterprise Data Warehousing for State of Georgia’s Department of Human Services

North Carolina
TIMS Compliance Benefits--Fast Track Initiatives

New Jersey
The New Jersey Enterprise Data Warehouse

Enterprise Data Warehouse / Case Management System

The Oregon Stimulus Transparency and Accountability Tracking System (ORSTATS)

The Tennessee Fusion Center


West Virginia
Delinquet Citation Collection System

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