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2011 Awards: Open Government Initiatives

Oregon - -The First Citizen Social Interactive State Data Portal - "The first citizen social interactive state data portal"

In August 2010, Oregon was the first state in the nation to provide public access to government data in a way that has never before been possible. This was accomplished via an innovative SaaS cloud service located at This groundbreaking online system enables interested constituents to seamlessly socialize, interact with and create new ways of viewing government datasets. Specifically, members of the public can now create a personal account on and:

  • Create filtered views of large government datasets to target information they are interested in, or roll-ups to summarize data but still drill down to the details.
  • Create visualizations of the data using charts, maps, and calendars.
  • Access datasets via their mobile device (e.g. smartphone) and utilize geo-location features within in combination with the GPS capabilities of their mobile device to locate items of interest within those datasets near their current location.
  • Directly save new views they create, making them available for others.
  • Share any view of the live data in any website or blog using standard embedding features.
  • Have a collaborative conversation about any dataset, using commenting.
  • Suggest a new dataset or vote on someone else’s suggestion and receive a follow-up.
  • Download any dataset in one of eight data formats including csv, xls, xlsx, pdf, and xml.
  • Receive RSS notifications of any changes to the data.
  • Develop custom applications leveraging live data using standardized programming interfaces and web services.
  • Seamlessly access federal data within the oregon catalog.
  • Watch training videos to learn how to use the capabilities listed above.

At, decision-makers, researchers, journalists, developers, residents, and other government entities can find and share information quickly. This enterprise service has exceeded all expectations in the two most critical areas to agencies: resource commitment and costs. Ultimately, we believe will help increase government transparency and encourage public participation and collaboration with Oregon government.

Corporate Partner: Socrata, Inc.

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