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Champion Award

2012 Recognition Awards: NASCIO Honors Outstanding Information Technology Achievements

Successful information technology initiatives in state government deserve to be highlighted and shared in order to promote innovation, foster better government, and engage citizens. For the 24th consecutive year, NASCIO will honor outstanding information technology achievements in the public sector through its Recognition Awards for outstanding achievement in the field of information technology.

Emphasis is placed on recognizing those information technology initiatives which exemplify best practices, support the public policy goals of state leaders, assist government officials in innovatively executing their duties, and provide cost-effective service to citizens.

Cross-Boundary Collaboration and Partnerships

Data, Information and Knowledge Management

Digital Government: Government to Business (G to B)

Digital Government: Government to Citizen (G to C)

Enterprise IT Management Initiatives

Fast Track Solutions

Improving State Operations

Information Communications Technology (ICT) Innovations

Open Government Initiatives

Risk Management Initiatives


Member of U.S. DOJ's Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative Global Advisory Committee Cloud Computing Series States Run on IT