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Champion Award

AWARDS & RECOGNITION   |   NASCIO Meritorious Service Award

2011 Recipient: J. Stephen Fletcher, Chief Information Officer and Executive Director, State of Utah

J. Stephen “Steve” Fletcher was appointed the CIO for the State of Utah in April 2005. From that day forward, he became totally immersed, not only in providing exemplary service to the citizens of Utah, but to the NASCIO organization as well.

As Utah’s CIO, Fletcher was challenged by Governor Gary Herbert to lead the Utah State Executive Branch agency efforts to re-engineer the state's information technology architecture. This was to be accomplished by coordinating central and individual agency information technology so that it was cost-effective and that IT resources were efficiently deployed by agencies to reduce redundancies and improve system interoperability and accessibility between agencies. These efforts were to be part of an overall objective to better meet agencies' business and service needs. Under Fletcher’s leadership, Utah built an optimized IT service organization to better meet the business needs of the state.

Fletcher had no less zeal for his involvement in NASCIO. From 2006 to present, Fletcher has participated on the Executive Committee of NASCIO either as a director or an officer, including serving as the president during 2009-2010. Fletcher has co-chaired and chaired the Enterprise Architecture Committee, the Programs Committee, and the Audit Committee. He represents NASCIO on the NIEM Executive Steering Committee and on the Global Advisory Committee for Justice Information Sharing. Over the years, Fletcher has traveled extensively promoting NASCIO, and has been instrumental in advancing relationships with the federal government, Office of Management and Budget, and the White House.

In 2010, Governing honored Fletcher as a 2010 “Public Official of the Year.” The award noted that Fletcher had built a widely acclaimed digital infrastructure that supports shared services; consolidates redundant computer systems; helps remote workers across a large, rural area and, most importantly, has moved more services online than any other state, making Utah’s website nationally recognized as one of the best ingovernment.


“The State of Utah is grateful for the exceptional service Steve Fletcher has rendered our agencies and our citizens. In a time of monumental transition and the redefinition of enterprise level IT services, Steve demonstrated visionary leadership, a steady hand, and an unflagging commitment to principles of good governance and sound fiscal management.”
Gary R. Herbert, Governor of Utah

“Steve Fletcher is second to none when it comes to his understanding of information system alignment within organizations. It is rare that you find an individual who not only understands the technical systems but also can integrate them with public policy and the human systems. Steve has proven that he is capable of both, and is truly an outstanding leader.”
Jeff C. Herring, Executive Director, DHRM,
State of Utah

“I would like to congratulate Steve on this award and thank him for his tireless efforts. Steve’s commitment to NASCIO is second to none. Many of our recent accomplishments would not have been possible without Steve’s leadership, guidance and direction. He is truly an asset to this organization and deserving of this recognition.”
Kyle Schafer, NASCIO President,
Chief Technology Officer,


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