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Champion Award

AWARDS & RECOGNITION   |   NASCIO Meritorious Service Award

Since its inception more than 40 years ago, NASCIO has focused on enhancing government service through the effective use of information technology and energetic advocacy for progressive IT policy. NASCIO's achievements have largely been the product of the enthusiasm, focus, and dedicated service as a catalyst to redefine the role of technology at the federal, state and local levels.

To spotlight outstanding service, NASCIO presents the Meritorious Service Award to honor one deserving state CIO for leadership in state government and contributions to the advancement of NASCIO's mission.

This year's recipient is:
Dugan Petty
NASCIO President

Before becoming the state CIO of Oregon, Petty directed state contracting and procurement, risk management, and served as the deputy administrator for the State Services Division. He has led a number of enterprise

level initiatives in Oregon including:
  • 2000 - Developed the Sustainable Council bringing sustainability in purchasing practices,
  • 2002 - Co-chaired a workgroup reforming Oregon's public contracting laws, and
  • 2004 - Led Oregon's Strategic Sourcing Initiative.

Petty's service as CIO of the State of Oregon began in 2006, where he led the creation and execution of Oregon's enterprise-level information resource strategy aimed at reducing costly duplication of efforts and resources. He met with other state leaders to rewrite the data center charter to incorporate reporting and accountability. Oregon also developed GovSpace, an Internet-based social networking tool available to state agencies, boards, commissions and their business partners. The platform launched in 2009 with 200 users and now has about 4,300 users.

Other projects include: the Oregon Stimulus Transparency and Accountability Tracking System, a stimulus fund tracking and mapping tool; the public data sharing repository; and an e-government project to help agencies move information and payment processes onto the Web.

Recently, Oregon received a grade of B+ on the Digital States Survey, conducted by the Center for Digital Government. The survey examines IT practices in all 50 states, and Oregon's performance ranks it in the top 25% of the country. The grade indicates Oregon is strongly trending upward. "Oregon had previously not even been on the radar" Petty says, and he attributes it to the state identifying and playing to its strengths.

Petty is past president of NASCIO. He has also served as vice-president, chair of the Programs Committee, co-chair of the NASCIO Enterprise Architecture and Governance Committee and chair of the Green IT Committee.

"I want to congratulate Dugan for receiving this year's NASCIO Meritorious Service Award.I t has been my pleasure to serve with Dugan for the last several years, and it has been my sincere honor to call him both a friend and colleague. Dugan and I worked together as Oregon's state CIO and state CFO. Dugan came to be the state CIO during a critical window in Oregon's IT history. He lead our IT professionals to rebuild trust and collaboration among agency leaders. That collaboration allowed agencies to come together and paint a vision of Oregon's IT future that still guides us today. While many outside of my organization appreciate Dugan's many strengths, I believe it is those of us that are closest to him that truly appreciate all he has done for the state of Oregon."

George Naughton, State Chief Financial Officer,
Oregon Department of Administrative Services

"For twenty years, I have had the honor and pleasure of working with Dugan Petty, not only as my colleague, but as my friend. From his time in Alaska as the state procurement director, through his move to Oregon in that role, and finally through his years as the Oregon state CIO, he has exhibited uncommon leadership and vision, and we who have worked with him, have often leaned on him for advice and good counsel. He truly is a great leader, a great father and husband, and a fine man."

David P. Gragan, Senior Procurement Executive,
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau


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