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Champion Award

AWARDS & RECOGNITION   |   NASCIO's Technology Champion Award

NASCIO's members recognize the need for strong, cross-jurisdictional leadership to advance sound information technology policy. Each spring NASCIO’s Executive Committee recognizes an individual who has demonstrated a clear understanding of the fundamental role that information technology can play in efficient and effective government operations. The NASCIO Technology Champion Award honors innovative leadership to promote sound information technology solutions, policies and practices. Recipients have a proven track record of sustained interest in and advocacy for IT in the public sector.

2013 NASCIO Technology Champion Recipient

William Pelgrin, Chief Executive Officer, Center for Internet Security

William Pelgrin is the President & CEO of the Center for Internet Security, and Founder and Chair of the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC). Pelgrin has made significant contributions to technology policy and practice in the public sector by championing cyber security and facilitating collaborative solutions for state and local governments across the nation. His philosophy is one of partnership in order to get the job done and serve the needs of the public sector. Pelgrin founded the MS-ISAC, which is now a division of the non-profit Center for Internet Security, in recognition of the need for a coordinated approach to IT security. The MS-ISAC is the ISAC for state, local, territorial and tribal (SLTT) governments. Prior to the MS-ISAC, there was no single, coordinated resource for information sharing and response for SLTTs for cyber security.

Pelgrin also recognized the tremendous interdependencies between cyber and physical security, with each playing an important role in securing our nation's critical infrastructure. To that end, he has actively pursued a collaborative relationship with physical security partners within the states and local governments--including state Homeland Security Advisors and law enforcement officials--many of whom participate in the MS-ISAC. Pelgrin established the Cyber Threat Intelligence Coordinating Group (CTICG) as a means to facilitate valuable situational awareness and identification of interrelationships between physical and cyber security activities.

Through Pelgrin's leadership, and in partnership with the US Department of Homeland Security, the MS-ISAC provides managed security services for more than two dozen states and local governments, and the number continues to grow. In addition to his contributions in providing policy and operational support to SLTT governments, Pelgrin also realized the challenges that many SLTTs face in being able to implement IT security solutions. To address this, he launched the Trusted Purchasing Alliance (TPA) division of the Center for Internet Security in mid- 2012.

Prior Recipients:

2012 National Technology Champions
Dr. Alan Shark, CEO and Executive Director, PTI
2011 National Technology Champions
Aneesh Chopra, United States Chief Technology Officer

Vivek Kundra, United States Chief Information Officer
2010 National Technology Champion
Martin O'Malley, Governor, Maryland
2009 National Technology Champion
Tom Carper, Senator, Delaware
2008 National Technology Champion
Peter Harkness, Editor and Publisher, Governing Magazine
2007 National Technology Champion
Cathilea Robinett, Executive Director, Center for Digital Government
2006 National Technology Champion
Secretary Michael Leavitt, US Department of Health and Human Services
2005 National Technology Champion
Jerry Mechling, Lecturer in Public Policy, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
2004 National Technology Champion
Jim Geringer, Governor of Wyoming 1995 – 2003
2003 National Technology Champion
Congressman Tom Davis, US House of Representatives, Virginia

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