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Champion Award

AWARDS & RECOGNITION   |   2014 NASCIO State Technology Innovator Award

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NASCIO created the State Technology Innovator Award to honor outstanding individuals who have made contributions to advance the state's technology policy agenda through the promotion of best practices, adoption of new technologies and advancements in service delivery.

We are pleased to announce the 2014 State Technology Innovator Award Recipients.

Mark Walker
Deputy Tax Commissioner/CIO
Ohio Department of Taxation

Mark Walker has been with the Ohio Department of Taxation (Tax) for 35 years.  He has been serving as the CIO and Deputy Tax Commissioner for Tax since July of 2012.  In this role Walker manages and is setting the strategic direction, including Tax’s alignment with the statewide IT Transformation initiative for the department’s Information Services Division. He is also the Project Director and Co-sponsor for the State Taxation Accounting and Revenue System (STARS) project that is integrating Tax’s current 27 tax administration systems into one platform.

After many years and attempts by the Tax department to modernize its tax systems, including viewing business taxpayers as a single entity, Walker took on the responsibility of rectifying and accelerating these objectives in 2012.

Initially, Walker was faced with 27 major tax systems residing on aging technologies, operating on three different platforms and technical environments, which were not integrated. Walker willingly took on the challenge to provide new technology and direction that would allow the Tax department to advance the agency’s mission to “provide quality service to Ohio taxpayers by helping them comply with their tax responsibilities and by fairly applying the tax law.”

During Walker’s leadership, he has worked diligently with his Tax business leaders, IT team and IT vendor in taking advantage of technology to enhance the agency’s mission and goals while expediting the process. This has not been easy; it has required intimate involvement of business leaders, changing the project leadership culture, teaming with vendors, and adopting the non-traditional Agile Scrum Delivery process.

Once the OH STARS (Ohio State Taxation Accounting and Revenue System) project was “Reset” in 2012, Walker assumed the project director role.  He made numerous changes and successfully delivered six taxes into production over three IT releases—all of which were delivered ahead of schedule. Of those six taxes, two represent the largest and most complex business taxes. STARS is currently on target to deliver two more taxes in early October 2014 ahead of schedule, and five more by July 2015.

Through Walker’s strong leadership and willingness to adopt new technologies and development processes in Agile, he has exceeded what many thought were possible on the STARS system implementation.

Dianna Anderson
Chief Data Officer 
Colorado Governor's Office of Information Technology

As the State Chief Data Officer, Dianna Anderson champions the development, adoption, and maintenance of the enterprise-wide information architecture (EIA).  She is responsible for defining the EIA organization, processes, and technology infrastructure, and for leading the integration of those capabilities within related state business and information management practices. Anderson leads and facilitates the creation of data governance principles and best practices, Master Data Management (MDM), Big Data Analytics, Data Quality, Data Integration, metadata management and Business Intelligence strategies and policies.

It’s long been recognized that individual agencies within the State of Colorado collect a massive amount of data from residents, and until recently have not had an easy way to share that data among agencies. That situation is changing, in large part, due to the efforts of Colorado’s Chief Data Officer, Dianna Anderson. Anderson believes data is the soul to information. That is what drives her to develop the platforms that provide the ability for increased data sharing between state agencies in the hopes of facilitating better, holistic decision making on programs and policies that impact Coloradans. Under Anderson’s leadership, the Governor’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) has developed the Colorado Information Marketplace (CIM) and the iData Insights Platform.

Over the past year, Anderson’s work was instrumental in the success of the State’s first civic app challenge—Go Code Colorado. The Secretary of State’s office designed Go Code Colorado to encourage developers to create solutions to identified business problems using data that was hosted on CIM.  It was an example of how the data housed on the public side of CIM can be used to create business solutions.  

Anderson has extensive information technology experience in both the public and private sectors. Through working with the federal and state government, government contractors, and private companies within different industries, she has been afforded the opportunity to wear many hats, perform multiple roles, work with multiple technologies and grow her overall data integration and business intelligence experience. 


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