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About the Committee

The Corporate Leadership Council (CLC) is comprised of dedicated NASCIO corporate members committed to utilizing private sector intellectual and financial resources to serve NASCIO and its members. CLC members promote information sharing among public and private-sector members, providing expertise to NASCIO issue focus areas and developing publications and projects. The CLC chair and vice chair hold an advisory seat on NASCIO's Executive Committee and the group develops corporate participation policies for board review. CLC participants must be corporate members in good standing.

Committee Publications

State CIO Leadership in Government Innovation 
and Transformation State CIO Leadership in Government Innovation and Transformation
October 2013

One of NASCIO’s guiding principles is to “promote the CIO as the technology leader who drives innovation and transformation.” To advance this belief, this leadership white paper explores the various structures and relationships of the State Chief Information Officer’s (CIO) role and how these differences impact the CIO’s participation in government transformation and innovation. The NASCIO CIO Leadership Working Group explored these differences and caution that a “one size fits all” approach is not the objective given that there are clear reasons for these variations. We looked at how the role of the CIO might evolve given ‘forces’ that could impact this evolution, such as technology disrupters and innovation. We discussed these ‘forces’ and critical success factors with private sector CIOs to learn how they have evolved their position, authority, and responsibility to support corporate transformation. We prepared this paper as a guide for CIOs, Governors, and other state officials to learn more about the various models that exist and how those models could evolve to support the direction of the enterprise.

States Run on IT (July 2009)

NASCIO and its Corporate Leadership Council collaborated to create "States Run on IT".

Click here to read more.

A fresh look at the computing environment and technical infrastructure will help state government better serve 21st century citizens. Citizens demand mobile, responsive, and technology-enabled government services that are delivered as conveniently as online banking or shopping. The most effective and efficient businesses work at the speed of information and the best governments should too. Does yours?

This document is intended to start a dialogue.

  • Use it to introduce the topic to newly elected or appointed officials.
  • Leave it as a take away when you meet with IT funding decision makers.
  • Use it to help us carry a consistent message to public sector leaders.

Keys to Collaboration: Building Effective Public-Private Partnerships
June 2006
This research brief explores the role of public-private partnerships in the increasingly technology-driven public sector. It also provides a look at best practices and building blocks for successful public-private partnerships.

CLC Workgroup Project: Disaster Recovery

Government at Risk: Protecting Your IT Infrastructure: A joint product of NASCIO's Enterprise Infrastructure & Services Committee, and NASCIO’s Corporate Leadership Council, this DVD is designed for elected officials and government leaders who influence funding decisions related to disaster recovery planning, and to assist state CIOs in making the business case for disaster recovery and business continuity planning. Click here to view the 11-minute video in its entirety.

Taking the Lead: Green IT in the States A National Survey of Social Media Use in State Government Cloud Computing Series