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Cost Savings Best Practice Checklist

Although the economy is beginning to recover, it will likely be a slow and extended process. As a result, limited budgets and cost control pressures will exist for several years. NASCIO has identified budget and cost control as a priority business driver for 2010, and individual states are mapping out plans for how they address the fiscal constraints they are faced with.

Now we would like to tap into the extensive resources within the CLC and draw upon your broad experiences to develop a "checklist" of best practices, ideas, and successes related to budget and cost control. The proposed checklist, Shared Ideas: CLC Thoughts on Leveraging IT in a Tough Economy can be of value to new CIOs entering their roles in the next year, as well as for veteran CIOs who may be looking for additional ways to meet their business and service level goals while also dealing with the realities of continued budget constraints and cost controls.

We would like the compendium to be results-oriented and success story based as well as including some "out of the box" thought provoking ideas. Please use this online form to determine cost-saving ideas that your company has implemented or that you have assisted state government customers in achieving. Describe your idea, the timeframe, area of focus in government and how it was leveraged to reduce cost. You may submit multiple ideas by selecting additional ideas.

Select a category:

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Expected timeframe in terms of completion:

Describe your idea:

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Please provide your contact information so that the CLC Working Group can follow up with you should they have questions or require additional information.



Leveraging Enterprise Architecture for Improved IT Procurement Shared Ideas Checklist: CLC Thoughts on Leveraging IT in a Tough Economy NASCIO Community - Government Affairs