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Taking the Lead: Green IT in the States

States are proven leaders in the green movement. In the face of tightening budgets that demand a departure from business as usual, states are demonstrating leadership through an array of green initiatives.

State governments, with their state CIO, can start greening IT practices today.

How green is your IT?

This short, informational DVD was created to raise awareness among state policy officials such as Governors, legislators and appointed officials about the critical role that IT can play in implementing green initiatives in the states.

Order your high-quality DVD today.

State Views on Green IT

Featuring interview excerpts from state CIOs, state IT officials and industry leaders, this second chapter illustrates the various ways that states are incorporating green IT initiatives in their enterprise agendas. Ranging in topics from power management and consolidation to alternative work schedules and electronic waste, these short clips provide insight into what states are doing to start greening government today.

Work Group Publications

Green IT in Enterprise Practices: The Essential Role of the State CIO
May 2008
Green IT has become one of the fastest-growing trends in IT today, across all sectors and levels of government. Examining the ways in which state CIOs can become involved in shaping and promoting green IT practices and policies, this brief explores the critical role that state CIOs play in reducing their state’s carbon footprint. Featuring examples of successful green IT initiatives in state enterprise practices today, this brief highlights the many ways in which states are managing their IT hardware as well as utilizing technology to reduce their carbon footprint. With the states taking the lead in many aspects of green efforts nationwide, state CIOs have an opportunity to move the green benefits of an initiative to the forefront of strategic thinking and project planning, and this brief provides several starting points from which state CIOs can begin on the path to incorporate green IT efforts into their enterprise practices.