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The important work of NASCIO is conceived and executed by business and operating committees comprised of volunteer members and supported by association staff. In addition to the Executive Committee, NASCIO has operating committees and ad hoc issues committees and working groups that report to the Executive Committee.

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Enterprise planning and architecture is intended to be a management discipline for establishing strategic intent for state government through appropriate governance and then ensuring that intent is achieved through organization, business processes, and technology. Proper governance provides the path to ensure effective strategic intent. Enterprise architecture provides the operating discipline to ensure traceability from strategic business intent to the necessary capabilities that enable that intent. This approach ensures that state initiatives are aligned with overall strategy and assists state CIOs in making sound decisions for managing information-related assets. NASCIO’s EA & G program is in place to assist state CIOs in effectively applying enterprise architecture discipline and best practices for evaluating, planning, and implementing projects, programs and management initiatives. NASCIO promotes enterprise architecture as the foundational approach for guiding the transformation of government. Integrated within Enterprise Architecture is Enterprise Portfolio Management which provides a continual view into the enterprise as well as its strategic relationships and value chains. Consider Enterprise Portfolio Management as a dynamic “situation room.”

Given this description of enterprise architecture, it must be understood that EA is a management approach that touches every aspect of state government. Building awareness and depth of knowledge among our member CIOs will greatly contribute to NASCIO’s goal to advance the state CIO as a key member of the leadership team. The CIO is enabled as a key strategist and business leader leveraging the discipline of EA in every policy decision impacting organization, business processes, investment, and citizen outcomes.

As in the past, the EA & G program committee will plan its initiatives to support and align with the NASCIO strategic plan, the top ten priorities established at the NASCIO Annual Conference, and the Annual State CIO Surveys conducted in partnership with Grant Thornton and TechAmerica.

Meeting Schedule: The committee meets the second Thursday of each month at 2:00 pm Eastern.

EA Chart

Co-Chairs: Craig Orgeron, State of Mississippi

Staff Contact: Eric Sweden 
Phone: 859.514.9189

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