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At Risk! Securing Government in a Digital World

NASCIO is pleased to announce a new video—At Risk! Securing Government in a Digital World!

Technology makes so much possible for government. Yet, when a security breach disrupts government operations—the results can be disastrous.

How serious are the threats against government operating in a digital age? It is like fighting a storm that never ends. The threats are everywhere—outside and inside—and they are there all the time. Always changing and adapting.

Is your government ready to deal with security risks in a digital age?

NASCIO’s new video “At Risk! Securing Government in a Digital World” is a nine minute video that will help State CIOs educate government leaders, including Governors and legislators, on why IT security is critical in ensuring that government can serve citizens without disruption.

Copies of the video on DVD are also available for order.

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It’s Everyone’s Job! Taking an Enterprise Approach to IT Security
Hosts: Doug Robinson, NASCIO Executive Director, and Mary Gay Whitmer, NASCIO Senior Issues Coordinator
Run Time: 5:40, February 5, 2008

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