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About the Forum

Issue Statement: State governments, in common with Federal agencies and local governments, are increasingly employing free or low-cost, web-based social media technologies to advance their communications efforts, provide services and increase citizen engagement with government. While many public agencies are already well-advanced in their use of social media tools, other states have been slow to adopt them, due to concerns about the suitability of consumer-based products to the environment of state government. Other states are experiencing widespread but unauthorized use, as agencies begin using the tools without approval or awareness of CIOs.

States need to employ social media technologies as they would any other: they must establish: (a) the business case for the utilization of social media, (2) appropriate terms of service agreements as they begin use, and (c) a life-cycle management approach to social media-based projects. The latter should address the full range of requirements that exist for other IT projects.

Goals and Objectives: The immediate goal of the working group will be completion of Terms of Service (TOS) discussions with the top social media providers and adoption of a modified TOS agreement that states can legally sign. The working group will also serve as a mechanism for information sharing that allows discussion and deeper analysis of the issues enumerated above (business case, security, privacy, accessibility, retention, etc.). This will include review of state policies and strategic initiatives relating to social media use, with the aim of identifying best practices in this area.

Deliverables: Adoption of modified TOS agreements with the top four or five social media providers, Calls to Action, Issue Briefs

Committee Roster

Temitope Akinyemi, State of New York
John Aveni, State of New York
Christopher Bennett, District of Columbia
Tony Bessette, Commonwealth of Virginia
Ronald Brown, State of New Jersey
Elizabeth Caldwell, MPA, State of New Jersey
Andrew Clark, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Todd Crosby, State of Hawai'i
Jeff Franklin, State of Iowa
Linda Hamel, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Jessica Harrison, State of New York
Joshua Heslinga, Commonwealth of Virginia
Jim Hogan, State of Michigan
Nathan Hogue, State of South Carolina
Juli Jurgens, State of Nebraska
Rodney I Kimura, State of Hawai'i
Gary Langfelder, State of New Jersey
Jon Lee, State of Texas
  Joanne McNabb, State of California
Sallie Milam, State of West Virginia
Jessica Mueller, NASCIO
Latha Narayan, State of California
Paula Newsome, State of Oregon
Susan Nordyke, State of Michigan
Dr. Craig P Orgeron, PhD, State of Mississippi
Eric Perkins, Commonwealth of Virginia
Jeff Quast, State of North Dakota
Doug Robinson, NASCIO
Wally Rogers, State of Oregon
Michael Sweeney, State of Montana
Nancy Taylor, State of Nebraska
Lisa Thompson, NASCIO
Stacey Walker, State of California
Meredith Ward, NASCIO
Cathy Warren, State of North Carolina
David Williams, State of West Virginia