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Contact: Alec Chalmers
Title: Director, State and Local Government
Phone: (703) 883-2858

Adobe revolutionizes how the world engages with ideas and information anytime, anywhere and through any medium.

Adobe solutions help government agencies dramatically improve the process for providing benefits and services to those in need while increasing workforce productivity. By choosing Adobe LiveCycle solutions, agencies ensure wide adoption of electronic channels for services delivery by enabling individuals to interact online or offline using the universal Adobe Reader and Flash Player. Workforce productivity is optimized by using LiveCycle to automate tasks and integrate with legacy systems while ensuring security of sensitive information so staff can focus on tasks where the human touch is needed.

Using Adobe LiveCycle technology, agencies such as State of Illinois DHS have seen administrative costs drop by as much as $6 million, decreased the margin of error in applications and saved their case managers 1.5 hours per case request. Benefits such as these improve agency productivity while enabling more engaging experiences with constituents.

Government is in the business of helping, Adobe is there to lend a hand.

Government Never Looked Better.

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