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Contact: Denny Lowe
Title: Director, State & Local Government
Phone: (512) 294-2435

Pega BPM solutions for government entities at the national, state, and local levels can reduce system and agency silos, streamline case management, improve client self-service, address heightened security vulnerabilities, and deliver smart, scalable solutions.

New Development, Modernization, and Enhancement Projects
Pega’s industry-leading BPM (based on the patented Build for Change® technology) enables government agencies to move at the speeds that their agency objectives demand, bringing new projects and new citizenry offerings to market quickly. Sophisticated procedural and declarative rules drive event-based solutions that deliver superior response rates while adhering to compliance, privacy, and security requirements.

Citizen & Workforce Relationship Management
Pega BPM handles all of the elements of the internal agency workforce (as well as external citizenry relationships) smoothly and allows the agency to control and manage citizen as well as workforce interactions to achieve its objectives. Pegasystems’ rules-driven platform lets agency workforce users instantaneously add or modify workflows, offers, and /or services to accommodate changing market and regulatory demands.

Pega’s Customer Process Manager™ (CPM) solution provides agencies with best practice workflows for their most common service requests. The CPM solution also provides a solution for addressing the most challenging service issues, “one-and-done” right at the point of customer contact. CPM uses intent-driven processing to understand why a customer is calling and prompts the agent with appropriate service activities, fee-generating services, and/or offers.

Servicing, Exceptions, and Operations Backbone
Pegasystems’ Servicing Backbone solution supports agency case and event management, supply-chain management, cross-agency collaboration, internal servicing, and exceptions management. Pegasystems’ case management supports the coordination of multiple processes, policies, and workflows - all in the context of one project and its related tasks. Cases also embed rich content and media from various content management sources. Case dashboard reporting and alerts empower various parties in the agency to track and analyze the status of their cases. Pegasystems’ exception management solutions intelligently automate high-cost and high-risk exceptions. Complex activities such as case decisioning, data retrieval, routing, and straight-through processing (STP) are handled through exception automation. Pegasystems uses the power of its rules engine to intelligently manage the agencies servicing backbones.

Fraud, Risk, and Compliance
Pega BPM allows agencies to design processes, detection rules, and services to support unified and uniform fraud investigations. Pega BPM also provides an end-to-end investigation case management system to handle financial crimes, government investigations, and compliance processes. Agencies that deploy Pega BPM solutions enjoy improvements in reducing risks, investigation effectiveness, quality, and timeliness of resolutions. Agency operators get a single view of investigations across all detection systems, channels, and products. Pega BPM supports increased management control and insight. Pegasystems’ automated compliance management solutions deliver highly flexible, intelligent platforms for agency compliance management. These solutions feature business-friendly model authoring, a centralized repository of processes and policies, proactive self-testing regimens, exceptions case management, and end-to-end process management with audits. 

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