NASCIO 2011 Midyear Conference

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Contact: Tim Finnegan
Title: Sales Director
Phone: (919) 531-2815

As the leader in business intelligence, SAS U.S. Government focuses on understanding an organization’s business drivers and creating answers to complex problems. In short, we help state and local governments meet their missions and goals.

SAS has eliminated the complexity of sharing data and applications across your organization. SAS goes beyond other vendors’ narrow definition of business intelligence. It offers data management and predictive analytic capabilities that tell an organization not just where it has been, but where it should go next. It delivers the foresight and understanding that is required to meet and exceed goals.

SAS is used at more than 40,000 sites worldwide, including all 50 states and many local governments. For nearly three decades, SAS has delivered the latest technology to our government customers, taking an organization’s operations to a new level.

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