All organizations are making difficult choices in this downturn about where and how to spend limited outreach budgets. NASCIO time and again provides outstanding return on investment in the form of quality programming, a platform for exchanging ideas with industry partners and customers, and informal access to leadership. The events are top-notch, and the skilled NASCIO team demonstrates consistently their commitment to being customer-focused.
Lauren Sallata, Xerox

I never have a shortage of Deloitte Colleagues that want to participate in NASCIO, especially the conferences. When the sponsorship opportunities come out we jump on them right away to secure a large number of registration slots and to maximize the visibility of the Deloitte brand in NASCIO materials. After the conference we are always very pleased with the access to State Members and the conversations we are able to have with them.
Kristen Miller, Deloitte

As a long-time member and sponsor of the National Association of State Chief Information Officers, Motorola Solutions values the many networking opportunities with the state members. In turn, I believe the CIOs value our commitment to state government. Through our various sponsorships, we also have the opportunity to share educational documents on NASCIO's resource site and participate in their Community forum, keeping Motorola in touch and in sync with CIOs between conferences.
Arlene King, Motorola Solutions

The National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) provides our company a unique opportunity to gain exposure with key decision makers in state government throughout the country. The NASCIO agenda and conferences are focused on sharing best practices and solutions, and they foster a culture that encourages partnership between the public sector and service providers. There is no simply no better place for us gain insight into the issues that states face and build relationships with the decision makers involved in these initiatives. The format and size of recent conferences lends itself to having meaningful conversations between and among state officials and service providers and also between providers. The round tables, the networking events and the general presentations are all excellent inputs to help us align to state needs. The event this year was very well done with strong speakers, a great location and well attended networking events. We look forward to future events.
Wendy Nolan, Computer Aid, Inc.

Sponsoring NASCIO provides CenturyLink the opportunity to meet with technology leaders from virtually every state in an atmosphere designed to share, network, and learn from each other. Sessions at the conference address key issues faced by CIOs, provides insight on strategic direction of the states, and presents information on key industry trends. As a Corporate Member CenturyLink has access to NASCIO Workgroups, and invaluable information available on its database.
David Ballard, CenturyLink

NASCIO's 2012 Annual Conference was a big success, with 600 attendees and an outstanding program that combined thought-provoking educational sessions and numerous opportunities for networking and relationship-building. Conference resources, including presentations and ARS responses, are available on the Presentation page.

Mark your calendar and join us for NASCIO's next big event, the 2013 Midyear Conference, to be held April 28- May 1 at the Capital Hilton, Washington D.C.

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