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For immediate release: November 19, 2003
Contact: Beth Roszman

NASCIO Releases "Innovative Funding for Innovative State IT"

(Lexington, KY) - The National Association of State Chief Information Officers has released Innovative Funding for Innovative State IT: New Trends and Approaches for State IT Funding to assist states in finding new ways to fund Information Technology (IT) innovations. This publication details eleven innovative funding models and provides case studies on how each model has been implemented by a state. The states that provided case studies for this publication are Massachusetts, Texas, Minnesota, Tennessee, Ohio, Missouri, Delaware, Arizona and Hawaii. Innovative Funding for Innovative State IT also includes a study conducted by NASCIO's Corporate Leadership Council (CLC) that surveyed the states on the types of funding models they are currently using. The survey results from the twenty-three states that responded are included in this publication. The appendices include checklists to give states a starting point for implementing each funding model as well as a chart of the CLC's survey results and a list of other innovative funding resources.

"Information technology is one of the keys to streamlining state government to create efficiencies that improve citizen services and will ultimately save states money. It also is a means for making it more convenient for citizens to do business with state government. However, tight budgetary situations in many states have presented challenges to securing funding for state IT projects through traditional methods. Innovative Funding for Innovative State IT provides states with new options in seeking funding for their IT initiatives even in tight economic times," said Missouri CIO and NASCIO President, Gerry Wethington.

Innovative Funding for Innovative State IT was developed and published by NASCIO in cooperation with NASCIO's Corporate Leadership Council.

"Innovative Funding for Innovative State IT is an example of how NASCIO's Corporate Leadership Council is working with the states to promote not only innovations in technology but also innovations in funding methods. We believe that the states will find this publication useful in driving technology forward in order to bring better services to citizens," said Arlene King, Motorola and Chair of the NASCIO CLC Innovative Funding Taskforce.

NASCIO represents the state chief information officers from the 50 states, six U.S. territories and the District of Columbia. Members include cabinet and senior level state officials responsible for information resource management. Other IT officials participate as associate members and private sector representatives may become corporate members.

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For more information contact NASCIO Programs and Communications Coordinator Beth Roszman at (859) 514-9167 or NASCIO Issues Coordinator Mary Gay Whitmer at (859) 514-9209.

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