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NASCIO 2004-05 Compendium of Digital Government in the States

The Most Complete Compilation of Objective Data on Digital Government in the States

NASCIO's 2004-05 NASCIO Compendium of Digital Government in the States is a great reference source for government decision makers, IT solutions providers, consultants, and academic researchers as well as the nation's emerging digital citizenry. The Compendium is your source for information on digital government initiatives in the states, including:
  • Executive IT Authority
  • Enterprise IT Management
  • IT Financial Management and Funding
  • Access, Usability, and Visibility
  • Privacy, Security, and Reliability
  • Application Development, E-Commerce, and Internal Automation

Over 600 pages of state profiles, including the following information for each state:

  • State CIO contact info
  • Establishing authority for the CIO
  • IT-specific legislative committees
  • Appointment oversight of the CIO
  • Location of the IT function within state government
  • IT governing board membership
  • Secondary IT oversight bodies
  • IT management responsibilities of the CIO
  • Digital government offices and task forces
  • Services offered by the state technology office
  • Business-management and operational responsibilities of the state technology office
  • Strategic planning process
  • State IT employment, compensation, and hiring incentives
  • State IT budgets (FYs 2001-2003), expenditures, and revenue sources
  • Special grant and loan funds
  • IT budgeting oversight of the state technology office
  • Procurement responsibilities of the state technology office
  • Accessibility and usability standards and training
  • Web-site/portal development budgets, marketing, and personalization options
  • Kiosk deployment
  • Component reuse programs
  • Deployment of digital government, e-commerce, and internal automation applications

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