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The Enterprise Imperative: Leading Through Governance, Portfolio Management, and Collaboration
October 2013

NASCIO, TechAmerica, and Grant Thornton LLP have collaborated for a fourth year on the annual survey of state government IT leaders. The 2013 survey report, The Enterprise Imperative, offers the latest insights from State CIOs and concludes these leaders are emphasizing effective enterprise governance models, adopting business disciplines, and forging the right relationships for collaboration.  The 2012 survey – Advancing the C4 Agenda – focused on the balancing act that CIOs must maintain both in providing high-quality services and in delivering new, innovative solutions. These demands have not decreased over the past year. CIOs are responding by focusing on the enterprise, and by coordinating across boundaries. The enterprise focus may involve integrating governance and portfolio management across the state, improving the effectiveness of IT procurement, or deploying statewide identity and access management solutions.

The Health IT Landscape: Through the Lens of the State CIO
June 2013

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) and National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) formed a collaboration to determine how the State Chief Information Officer (CIO) views the current health information technology landscape. Specific areas of focus for this study included Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS), Medicaid Eligibility Systems, Data Governance and Identity Management, State Level Health Information Exchanges, Shared Services and Collaborations. This study combined HIMSS' expertise in health information technology and information exchange with NASCIO's expertise representing state CIOs and information technology executives from the states, territories and the District of Columbia. The results of this collaborative survey will serve those seeking to understand the current environment of State healthcare technology initiatives ranging from governance models to data exchange activities. This analysis will also facilitate understanding of the intersection of the state CIO's role with state health information technology (HIT) projects. This collaboration represents one of the first holistic analyses focused on the state CIO perspective of State HIT projects.

State IT Workforce: Under Pressure
January 2011

In 2007, state CIOs had offered anecdotal evidence that states could face a potential shortage of government IT workers in the near future due to anticipated retirements of baby boomers and a waning interest in government IT employment from a younger generation. To revisit this looming issue, in November 2010 NASCIO conducted a web-based survey for state CIOs to assess the landscape of the state IT workforce. The results of the survey State IT Workforce: Under Pressure have been compiled and NASCIO members should use the results as a tool in identifying and addressing state IT workforce trends. The state responses provide a broad perspective on state IT workforce issues as a whole, and also allow CIOs to further assess the IT employment outlook within their respective states.

Friends, Followers, and Feeds: A National Survey of Social Media Use in State Government
September 2010

In the summer of 2010, NASCIO’s Social Media Working Group implemented a survey of social media adoption by state governments to clarify existing use of social media by states and extend its knowledge of how the tools are being deployed in state governments across the country. The survey examined adoption trends, current applications and expectations of social media technologies, the extent to which implementation is governed by formal policies or individual agency initiative, and perceptions of risk associated with social media tool use. This brief reports on the survey results, and makes recommendations about next steps states need to take as they adapt these tools to expand engagement with citizens and improve government programs.

Profiles of Progress 4: State Health IT Initiatives
July 2010

Since Profiles of Progress was last released in April of 2009, there has been a tremendous flurry of activity due to the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) announcing the recipients of the State Health Information Exchange Cooperative Agreement Program (State HIE). In addition, the funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) has started to be dispensed to state and regional efforts across the nation and will be used to invest, solidify and make sustainable health IT efforts in the states. The updated compendium, “Profiles of Progress 4: State Health IT Initiatives,” serves as a snapshot of how states are responding to the challenge of leading the implementation of health IT and what role, if any, the state CIO is playing in these efforts. The numerous revisions within the compendium reflect the expeditious growth and adoption of health IT over the past year. As government leaders increasingly support Health IT as a means to improve patient care and reduce costs it is imperative that states implement an enterprise-wide architecture for the statewide exchange of health information.

The 2010 State CIO Survey: Perspectives and trends from state government IT leaders
July 2010

Just as information technology undergirds every aspect of doing business in the corporate sector, so is it now a mainstay of state government. NASCIO has joined forces with the Grant Thornton and TechAmerica to survey state and territorial CIOs or their equivalents on their most challenging issues -- from tight budgets to the continual flow of new technologies. Results are based on the responses of 40 participants, or about three-fourths of eligible jurisdictions. The 39-question survey covered a range of topics:

  • IT governance: Many CIOs shoulder much of the responsibility for statewide IT governance but do not have the same level of authority.
  • IT investments and budgets: Two-thirds of CIOs expect lower IT budgets in 2011 through 2013.
  • Statewide IT business models and sourcing strategies: In the next three years, most CIOs plan to expand IT shared services and managed services.
  • Procurement and procurement reform: CIOs give state IT procurement processes a grade of C and say processes and practices need updating.
  • Emerging technologies: Half of CIOs are investing in cloud computing, and one-third are running active or pilot cloud projects.

Digital States at Risk!: Modernizing Legacy Systems
December 2008

A product of NASCIO's Legacy Systems & Modernization Working Group, this report is based on the findings of its 2008 national survey of state CIOs. The report provides an assessment of states’ primary points-of-concern as they relate to legacy system modernization and provides insight into strategies, options and approaches states are considering as they move towards a modern IT enterprise environment.

Innovative Funding for State IT: Models, Trends, and Perspectives
September 2008

Based on a survey of the states, this report examines the use of innovative, alternative and financing funding models for technology projects that enable states to deliver savings, and improve IT services to citizens. The results update NASCIO’s 2003 report on innovative funding, "Innovative Funding for Innovative State IT: New Trends and Approaches for State IT Funding," and provide state CIOs with information and insights for the facilitation of innovative funding initiatives in their own states. A product of NASCIO’s 2008 Innovative Funding for State IT Working Group, this report was developed based on results from an all states survey of state CIOs; thirty-one states responded concerning their IT funding initiatives.

State IT Workforce: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?
October 2007

The predicted shortage in the state government IT workforce has been discussed and debated for a decade. A product of NASCIO’s Corporate Leadership Council (CLC) Public Private Partnership Working Group, State IT Workforce: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? is a research survey that was designed to assess the current and future landscape of the state IT workforce. Covering such topics as anticipated state IT workforce retirements, employee recruitment and retention, and options for future state IT staffing and service structures, this online survey garnered 46 state responses—among the highest response rates of any NASCIO survey. The results of this survey provide states with a broad perspective on state IT workforce issues as a whole, and also allow CIOs to further assess the IT employment outlook within their respective states.

Survey on Enterprise Data Center Consolidation in the States: Strategies and Business Justification
August 2007

A product of NASCIO's Infrastructure and Services Committee, this survey report provides an overview of the challenges states’ indicated they are facing in considering and implementing enterprise IT data center consolidation initiatives. NASCIO surveyed twenty-nine states concerning their data center consolidation initiatives. The survey, conducted through June 22, 2007, represents approximately 46 percent of the nations’ population. Participation included a wide distribution in geography, population, and budget.

A Current View of the State CISO: A National Survey Assessment
September 2006

These aggregate survey results reflect a snapshot of the state CISO role as of summer 2006. The survey results indicate that the state CISO position has become highly prevalent and is evolving into a state IT security policy and strategy leader. The survey was conducted during the preparation of NASCIO's July 2006 Research Brief entitled Born of Necessity: The CISO Evolution-Bringing the Technical and the Policy Together.

Survey on IT Consolidation and Shared Services in the States: A National Assessment
May 2006

NASCIO is pleased to announce the release of its survey summary publication, NASCIO’s Survey on IT Consolidation and Shared Services in the States: A National Assessment. A product of NASCIO's 2005 IT Governance & Service Reform Committee, this survey summary provides an overview of the challenges states’ indicated they are facing in considering and implementing enterprise IT consolidation and shared services initiatives.

Findings from NASCIO’s Cybersecurity Survey
January 2006

Discipline Succeeds: Findings from the NASCIO State IT PM Assessment
November 2005

The National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) surveyed state IT project managers concerning their approaches to IT project management in August-September of 2005. The trends discovered in responses from 34 state project management offices reveal a baseline regarding perceived success of project management as an overarching discipline in state government.

The States and Enterprise Architecture: How Far Have We Come? Findings from the NASCIO 2005 EA Assessment
October 2005

NASCIO conducted a survey or "census" of the U.S. states to assess the level of enterprise architecture (EA) adoption and the experience with the NASCIO EA portfolio of products. NASCIO and the U.S. Department of Justice are interested to know the progress made in building awareness and EA capabilities at the state level. This survey effort and report supports the NASCIO program management function, which is responsible for measuring ongoing progress and effectiveness of NASCIO programs and initiatives.


State IT Workforce: Under Pressure On The Fence: IT Implications of the Health Benefit Exchanges Member of U.S. DOJ's Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative Global Advisory Committee