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Taking the Lead: Green IT in the States
February 2009

States are proven leaders in the green movement. In the face of tightening budgets that demand a departure from business as usual, states are demonstrating leadership through an array of green initiatives.

Government runs on IT. And green IT is a growing movement that requires attention from government leaders. State governments, with their state CIO, can start greening IT practices today.

This short, informational video Taking the Lead: Green IT in the States is designed to help state CIOs assist government leaders in demonstrating that, by exploring these opportunities now, states can lead by example.

How green is your IT?

Order a complimentary copy on DVD.

At Risk! Securing Government in a Digital World
January 2008

Technology makes so much possible for government. Yet, when a security breach disrupts government operations—the results can be disastrous.

How serious are the threats against government operating in a digital age? It is like fighting a storm that never ends. The threats are everywhere—outside and inside—and they are there all the time. Always changing and adapting.

Is your government ready to deal with security risks in a digital age?

Government At Risk: Protecting Your IT Infrastructure
March 2007

Without the flow of electronic information, government comes to a standstill. When a state’s data systems and communication networks are damaged and its processes disrupted, the problem is serious and the impact far-reaching.

The consequences can be much more than an inconvenience. Serious mistakes may lead to public distrust, chaos and fear. It can mean a loss of vital digital records and legal documents. A loss of productivity and accountability. And a loss too of revenue and commerce.

How real is the possibility? It’s not a question of if—but a question of “who” and “when."

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CD version is higher quality than the streaming version.

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