The NASCIO State IT Recognition Awards honor innovation and excellence in the use of information technology in state government. NASCIO is seeking nominations of transformational projects and initiatives that address critical business problems, improve business processes and increase citizen engagement in state government.

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Business Process Innovations

State of
State of
New Mexico
State of
State of California

Title: CBIG –California Business Incentives Gateway

(L to R): William Hilton, Kumar Sah,Fred Kessler, Jan Ross, Steve Juarez

The CBIG project created an online government incentive marketplace. The CBIG marketplace allows any government entity to create and manage their incentives within the portal, and it allows any business user to search for business incentives that match their needs.
Fred Kessler
Manager, Data and Government Transparency
California State Treasurer’s Office
State of New Mexico

Title: SHARE: From a Four-Letter Word to a Five-Letter Success

First Row (L to R): Karla Fernandez, Patricia Byrd, Audrey Liddy, Cassandra Hayne, Gary Graves, Maritza Snyder, Bobby Montoya

Back Row (L to R): Jim Hightower, Bill Breazeale, Vanessa Martinez, David Dominguez, Alex Canett, Fernando Mondala, Patti Ponder, Duane Boykin, Robert Wible

Not pictured: Diana Peña, Peter Paul Davis

New Mexico upgraded our Statewide Human Resources Accounting and Reporting (SHARE) system with a focus on shifting organizational culture and re-building trust. Within twenty-two months, SHARE went live, flawlessly, with a confident, engaged user community applauding SHARE instead of cursing it. SHARE is now a trusted enabler of the business of the State of New Mexico.
"With this upgrade, we didn't just upgrade the technology, we upgraded the business practices of our entire state. That's the sweet spot for transformative IT in government."
Darryl Ackley, Former State CIO and Secretary, New Mexico Department ofInformation Technology
Cassandra Hayne
IT Director
New Mexico Department of Information Technology

NASCIO Corporate Member Partners

State of Oregon

Title: Department of Revenue’s Core Systems Replacement Project

Front Row (L to R): Gary Johnson, Shirlene Gonzalez, Lois Williams, Mickaella Suarez, Shannon Johns, Chris Cox, Amber Deluga, Renee Royston, Jennifer Hannan

Middle Row (L to R): Jackie Houser, Carol Williams, Dennis Maurer, Hallie Mounts, Dawn Vlahandreas, Sarah Wunsch, Jill Sanchez, Sandi Lyon, Tracy Leith, Patricia Torres, Melissa Jungling, Cindy Burger, Jill Coleman, JoLene Swint, Eric Smith

Back Row (L to R): Mike Krosman, Ruben Garibay, Elvira Trujillo-Herrera, Mike Hostetler, Sofia Parra, Joel Weigel, Jim McCutchen, Josh Morehead, Laura Tuttle, Bob Estabrook, Sarah Howery, Keith Shribbs, Sarah Howard, Jacob McDonnell, Katryna Staley, Tonya Jones, Kelly Cox, David Solberg

Not Pictured: Cynthia Burrows, Wayne Cox, Martin Ewaliko, Cheryl Fletcher, Jacqueline Heinsoo, Carly Henry, Tamara Idsinga, Stacy Johnson, Sharon Johnston, Joy Krawczyk, Kenny Kreick, Cheri Main, Mindy McPherson, Cynthia Miller, Mark Nash, Shilo Owen, Rance Pier, Jeanne Ramos, Loretta Rasar, Michelle Rector, Debra Richard, Shawn Richards, Sharon Ringeisen, Ken Ross, Katryna Starck, Jon Wingett, Peter Wong

The Oregon Department of Revenue’s Core Systems Replacement Project replaced 87 legacy tax systems with GenTax, a commercial off-the-shelf tax administration software product over a 4½ year implementation period. The project was successfully completed on time and under budget.
Gary Johnson
Chief Information Officer
State of Oregon Department of Revenue

Cross-Boundary Collaboration & Partnership

State of
State of
State of
State of Georgia

Title: Georgia Gateway

Georgia Gateway, the state’s integrated eligibility system, allows Georgia constituents to apply online for economic assistance across several state agencies. Georgia Gateway’s multi-agency shared services model provides constituents a single point of entry for Medicaid, Food Stamps (SNAP), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Special Supplemental Nutrition Programs for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) and Childcare and Parent Services (CAPS).

First Row (L to R): Elisabetta Kasfir, Sid Peecharagadi, DPH Commissioner J. Patrick O'Neal, DECAL Commissioner Amy Jacobs, Laura Ellis, Astride Ainsley, Carla Fairley

Back Row (L to R): B'Randi Armstrong,Venkat Krishnan, Alvin Riggs, Sushil Jain, Sonia Jackson, Kathryn Weiss, Mona Jackson

Not Pictured: Jon Anderson, DCH Commissioner Frank Berry, DHS Commissioner Robyn Crittenden,Jonathan Duttweiler, Blake Fulenwider, Gerlda Hines, Joseph Hood, III, Christopher Linn, Anthony McGaughey, Zainab Muhammed-Only, Kate Pfirman, GTA Director & CIO Calvin Rhodes, Teresa Riley

“Government entities work best when they hold themselves accountable for properly responding to citizens’ needs. I commend DHS and its partner agencies for their hard work and collaboration in building Georgia Gateway, improving access to services that can lead to self-sufficiency, and serving those who call Georgia home.”
Governor Nathan Deal, Georgia
Venkat R Krishnan
Chief Information Officer
Georgia Department of Human Services

NASCIO Corporate Member Partners

State of Michigan

Title: Michigan's Investment Reporting Tool

The Investment Reporting Tool (IRT) enables Michigan to make “the right fix, at the right time, in the right place” regarding roads and bridges. This assets management system tracks the conditions of roads and the corresponding investment (past and future). IRT allows for easy exchange of performance data among agencies and encourages cross-collaboration among road-owning agencies and others with expertise in asset management.
David DeVries
DTMB Director and State of Michigan Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget
State of Maine W/ Rhode Island and Mississippi

Title: Launching an Unemployment Application in a Consortium Model

In 2013, Mississippi announced a 3-state consortium consisting of Mississippi, Rhode Island, and Maine (MRM) to create a multi-tenancy UI application.

On December 6, 2017 ReEmployMe went live to the public as the State of Maine UI application, the first UI system to be shared by two states and hosted in the cloud.

Maine Department of Labor ReEmployMe Project Team

Leigh S Wilkinson
OIT PMO Program Manager


State of
State of
State of
South Dakota
State of Illinois

Title: Department of Innovation & Technology, Security Operation Center

Illinois launched the state’s first Security Operations Center (SOC), providing a dedicated unit responsible for continual cybersecurity monitoring and incident response. In the first six months, the SOC responded to over 320 security incidents helping to mitigate potentially devastating attacks.

Front: Chris Hill

Front Row (L to R): Jeanean Davis, Bryan Dufelmeier, Judy Zhu, Sony Rathod, Pooja Adhaypak, Kristy Morrison, Sree Nair

Middle Row (L to R): Jenny Thinnes, Tony Collins, Patrick Blair, Brad Wilson, Allison Addicks, Adam Clapp

Back Row (L to R): Pedro Guzman, Matt Phelps, Steve Zoelzer, Christopher Boston, Jeremy Maggiore

Matthew Phelps
Security Operations Center Manager
Department of Innovation & Technology
State of Missouri

Title: Vendor Security Risk Management and Benchmarking

Missouri’s Vendor Security Risk Management and Benchmarking program quantifies vendor risk near real time while providing insights into first party benchmarking against similar organizations. The program has greatly reduced Missouri’s third-party risk while providing continuous feedback on ways to strengthen the state’s security posture.

(L to R) Jeff Ferguson, Theresa Frommel, Michael Roling, Heather Mueller, Stephen Meyer

"Fully understanding vendor risk is a complex challenge that’s simply not solved through contracts alone. Having the ability to gain insights into the ever-changingvendor landscape allows us to partner wisely and to shore up any existing risk by working with our vendor community and state agencies."
Michael Roling, Former CISO, Missouri
Heather Mueller
Audits and Compliance Team Lead
Office of Administration
State of South Dakota

Title: Email Threat Assessment Evaluation

An aggressive approach to assessing employees phishing awareness. The in-house built process includes the establishment and enforcement of policy, monthly assessments of all employees, immediate video education feedback, in-person training and finally executive level reporting on performance.

(L to R): Nic Penning, Ben Cable, Amanda Jost, Christen Hahn, Eric Frankhouser, Jim Edman
Not Pictured: Miguel Penaranda

Jim Edman
Chief Information Security Officer
Bureau of Information & Telecommunications

Data Management, Analytics and Visualization

Commonwealth of
State of
State of
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Title: Treasury Transparency Project

Treasury Transparency portal provides an in-depth look at $100 billion in Commonwealth expenditures andnear real time cash flow data to its citizens. It helped to adjust the timing of the cash flow that reduced the need for short-term loans.

Front Row (L to R): Michael Daly, Walter Guyer, Bridget Laudenslager, Victoria Christen

Back Row (L to R): James Gorse, Christopher Bonifanti, Edward Palmer

PN Narayanan
Chief Information Officer
Pennsylvania Treasury Department
State of Indiana

Title: Facilitating Data-Driven Innovation –Indiana Management Performance Hub

In 2017, the Indiana Open Data Act formally codified the Management Performance Hub as a stand-alone state agency with the power to collect, analyze and exchange data across state agencies. MPH is revolutionizing the way these agencies, non-governmental partners and citizens access and visualize key data that can help drive data-informed decision making and data-driven policy making.

Indiana Management Performance Hub Team

“It is really exciting because no other states have an open data bill like Indiana. MPH is the convener, bringing together data and agencies. It’s an audacious mission: sharing data, crowdsourcing solutions, and providing consultation to state agencies.”
Darshan Shah, Chief Data Officer/ Director, MPH, Indiana
Ted Cotterill
Chief Privacy Officer
General Counsel, Management Performance Hub

NASCIO Corporate Member Partners

State of Utah

Title: Utah's Base Map and Imagery Services

The cloud-based DISCOVER web service platform provides access to the statewide high-resolution aerial photography that is licensed to Utah from Google and funded through a partnership across 14 state and local agencies.

(L to R): Steve Gourley, Nathan Kota, Rick Kelson, Zach Beck, Scott Davis, Greg Bunce, Keaton Walker, David Buell, Michael Foulger, Sean Fernandez, Mike Heagin, Matt Peters

Matt Peters

Digital Government: Government to Business

Commonwealth of
State of
State of
State of
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Title: Electronic Permitting for Department of Environmental Protection

A modernized process for natural gas mining permits is reducing backlogs, improving data quality and saving nearly $700,000 per year. The department is currently expanding the system to additional permit types to achieve further benefits.

Front Row (L to R): Anandaprabhu Piedy, Stacey Gricks, Ryan Madara, Md Aamir, Mohammed Mubasharuddeen, Murali Sridhar, Rahul Roy, Samantha Tregea, Venkat Kolla

Back Row (L to R): Michael Welcome, Kris Mayhue, Phani Dasari, Gurjit Singh

Sean Crager, CIO
Conservation and Environment Delivery Center
Pennsylvania Office of Administration
State of Arizona

Title: Arizona myDEQ Environmental Compliance Portal

To better achieve its mission to protect and enhance public health and the environment, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality has leveraged intuitive technology to develop and deploy myDEQ, digitizing environmental compliance permits and reporting and easing regulatory burdens on businesses.

Gary A. Heller
Chief Information Officer
Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ)
State of Illinois

Title: Unemployment Insurance Tax Modernization

Illinois’ Department of Employment Security (IDES) recognized an urgent need to move its Unemployment Insurance tax collecting into the 21st century, meshing with Governor Rauner’s initiatives to improve Illinois’ business climate and upgrade its technology. IDES collaborated with Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR) to integrate into IDOR’s MyTaxIllinois, giving Illinois employers a single portal for payment of all business taxes.

Brenda Towers, Kevin Denny, Christy Norwood, Sarah Engelbrecht

Lorena Zavalza, George Molayal, Aparna Sen, Michael Eckert, La Vernnna Poindexter, Bob Griffin

Kendra Banning, Venkata Twarakavi, Michael Murphy, Al Silio, Bob Acamovic

Tom Revane, Algie Crivens, Debbie Price

“The Unemployment Insurance Tax project is a shining example of the benefits that come from modernizing IT in Illinois. The new tax system eliminates an outdated, paper process and is now much more accessible and convenient for Illinois’ businesses.”
Governor Bruce Rauner, Illinois
Tom Revane
Chief Information Officer
Department of Innovation & Technology at the Department of Employment Security
State of Indiana

Title: INBiz: Taking HoosierBusinesses to the Next Level

INBiz is the state of Indiana's one-stop resource for registering and managing businesses and ensuring compliance with state laws and regulations. INBiz provides Indiana businesses with a “one-stopshop” to conduct business with multiple areas of government in the State of Indiana, streamlining operations for both businesses and state agencies.

Front Row (L to R) : Terri Banks, Kendall Bybee, Valerie Warycha, Jim Obermaier, Brandon Clifton, Rebecca Longfellow

Middle Row (L to R) : David Montgomery, Beth Medley, Robert Paglia, Mike Fouch, Tom Vessely, Collin Rainey, Mandy Ogunnowo

Back Row (L to R) : Kam Nair, Jon Kizer, Eric Burton

The phenomenal success of INBiz speaks to the relevance of its mission and design. Business owners need to spend time working on their business, not hours being transferred between government agencies. INBiz allows just that and is a clear example of government working for its people instead of the other way around.”
Connie Lawson, Secretary of State, Indiana
Robert Paglia
Chief Administrative Officer
Indiana Office of Technology

Digital Government: Government to Citizen

State of
State of
State of
State of Arizona

Title: Department of Child Safety “Mobile First” Strategy and Tablet Deployment

The Arizona Department of Child Safety partnered with Diona to transform its field operations using a “mobile first” strategy. App-enabled tablets allow case workers to more efficiently serve families, better secure citizen data and provide valuable insights for future development.

First Row (L to R): Padma Anugu, LaQueta Garcia, Linda Jewell, John Hogan

Back Row (L to R): Charles Jones, Richard Caldera, Brian Sapp, James Dean, Jennifer Sismondo

Not Pictured: Mike Jarvis, Layli Milden, Sean Mcintire, Raymond Devine, Joshua Konantz, Jay Cline, Padma Anugu, Sharda Diwan, Shalom Jacobs, Jenny Bilskie, Bobbi Freyre, Ryan Clemens

Linda Jewell
Assistant Director, Information Technology
Arizona Department of Child Safety
Finalist:State of California

Title: California Correctional Health Care Services, Electronic Health Record System (EHRS)

California Correctional Health Care Services’ new Electronic Health Record System streamlines medical and mental health care for 116,000 inmates at 35 prisons statewide, providing real-time data accessed by more than 10,500 medical professionals and processing over 9 million transactions daily.

Front Row (L to R): Helen Tan, Thi Truong, Elisa Lum, Runora Francesconi, Kim Nguyen

Row 2 (L to R) : Marc Wakefield(picture), Janene DelMundo, Maria Fritz, Jessica Zheng, Gance Ly, Dinah Bello

Row 3 (L to R) : Toan Pham, Alan Heuer, Walt Melton, Toni Richey, Nick Faragasso

Row 4 (L to R): Martin Ferrier, Bryan Jenks, Mark Naber, Kevin Sutton

Cheryl Larson
Chief Information Officer
Director, Information Technology Services Division
California Correctional Health Care Services
State of Michigan

Title: Michigan Education and Career Pathfinder

 As part of Michigan’s priority to increase the number of residents with high-quality degrees or credentials to fill the growing demand for talent, the state developed an online tool for students and job seekers that provides information to help make informed choices about educational and career options, as well as help create educational development plans.
Michigan Education and Career Pathfinder Team
“Pathfinder supports Michigan’s innovation-driven push to ensure people have the knowledge, skills and training necessary to succeed at getting 21st-century careers. No other source exists with such rich, Michigan-specific career planning and education data.”
Roger Curtis, Michigan Talent and Economic Development Director
David DeVries
DTMB Director and State of Michigan Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget

Emerging & Innovative Technologies

Commonwealth of
State of
State of
Commonwealth of Kentucky

Title: Kentucky’s Integrated Eligibility and Enrollment System

Kentucky’s Integrated Eligibility and Enrollment System supports the Cabinet for Health and Family Services with innovative solutions to the Commonwealth’s most challenging problems. Several innovative solutions have been incorporated into the core integrated eligibility functionality making Kentucky’s IEES one-of-a-kind. These include a full enrollment module, State Data Hub, adding the Child Care Assistance Program and real-time asset and income verifications.

Front Row (L to R): Milan Maharjan, Rathnaker Kodepaka, Sandeep Gaddam, Piyush Pamecha, Anuradha Naik, Sravan Chava, Priyanka Reddy, Wanda Fowler, Srinivas Dharanipragada, Malleswara Rao, Usha Penmecha, Radhika Nimmagadda, Chandra Seethraman, Shirish Astagikar, Srikanth Kotagiri

Second Row (L to R): Lorenzo Eads, Vishal Vyas, Sarin Shah, Chinka Patel, Lenora Harris, Patti Walters, Charlene Howard, Nat Reynolds, Meghan DeMoss, Rohini Kanumuru, Omar Said, LeAnne Mullins, Jennifer Harp

Third Row (L to R): Jan Conry, Derrell Johnson, Sunny Bora, Shraven Kumar Chinta, Angela Winburn, Linda Whitt, Tonya Burbridge, Rosanne Barkley, Brenda Starcher, Mary Gordon, Leora Gunn, Frances McGraw, Kamala Dharani, Joy Martin, William McKinnon, Deck Decker

“There could not be a more deserving group to receive this award. Our team, led by the Office of Administration and Technology Services, worked tirelessly with all stakeholders to produce a superior product that is now serving our most vulnerable citizens.”
Secretary Adam Meier, Cabinet for Health and Family Services
Deck Decker
Executive Director, Office of Administrative and Technology Services (OATS)
Cabinet for Health and Family Services

NASCIO Corporate Member Partners

State of Illinois

Title: Illinois Blockchain Initiative

Illinois Blockchain Initiative (IBI) through a consortium attempts to demystify Blockchain technology and explore opportunities for government to improve services. Key objectives of the initiative are to enable the adoption of technology, initiate supportive regulation and nurture a strong ecosystem.

(L to R): Nicholas Cosentino, Sunil Thomas, Sean O’Kelly, Jack King

Not Pictured: Kevin O’Toole, Randy Kowalski

Sunil Thomas Cluster CIO –Business & Workforce & Blockchain Lead
Department of Innovation & Technology
State of Mississippi

Title: My Mississippi, My Technology

My Mississippi (myMS) is an intelligent personalized platform developed for citizen use to receive alerts, help keep track of important reminders, save frequently accessed content online, interact with the “Ask Mississippi” digital voice assistant for Amazon Alexa and Google Home, and communicate with the State of Mississippi’s chatbot, MISSI. Introduced in May 2015, myMS, is a companion platform to ms.gov.

(L to R): Dr. Craig P. Orgeron, Renée Murray, Caren Brister, Katie White

“My Mississippi, My Technology” highlights an intelligent personalized platform, innovations that represent a shift in the way government communicates with citizens, and how the Mississippi is pursuing technologies that leverage communication tools and platforms to bring government to citizens.”
Craig P. Orgeron, PhD, CPM, CIO, Mississippi
Craig P Orgeron, PhD, CPM
Executive Director
MS Department of Information Technology Services

Enterprise IT Management Initiatives

State of
State of
State of
South Carolina
State of Florida

Title: Primary State Data Center Consolidation

AST lead a consolidation with a 90-day deadline to relocate over 100 staff and 2,000 servers, a mainframe, a petabyte of data, multiple backup/network devices, and supporting appliances. Using innovative solutions, the move was completed on-time and dramatically under budget.

Erin Choy
External Affairs ManagerAgency for State Technology
State of Nebraska

Title: Operation Enterprise IT: A Hybrid Consolidation

“Hybrid” centralization suited Nebraska’s vision for enterprise IT. Office of the CIO managers worked with the agencies to migrate the infrastructure to two, fully redundant data centers. They established Site Support in eight geographically-diverse regions. IT support became faster while using State resources more efficiently. The Hybrid model avoided unnecessary conflict and allowed agencies to maintain authority over agency-specific functions.

Small contingent of the consolidation team sporting their new T-shirts. Teammates joined the efforts in three phases:

PHASE 1 (NETWORK): Office of the CIO, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Transportation, and Department of Correctional Services

PHASE 2 (OPEN SYSTEMS/GEOSPATIAL INFORMATION SYSTEMS): Department of Labor, Department of Revenue, Administrative Services, Department of Insurance, Department of Motor Vehicles, Department of Transportation, Department of Natural Resources, Office of the CIO, Department of Economic Development, Department of Health and Human Services and State Patrol

PHASE 3 (SITE SUPPORT/LOGISTICS/SERVICE DESK): Department of Revenue, Administrative Services, Department of Banking and Finance, State Fire Marshal, Department of Labor, Department of Motor Vehicles, Department of Transportation, Department of Natural Resources, Office of the CIO, Department of Correctional Services, State Patrol, Department of Economic Development, Crime Commission, Department of Environmental Quality, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Veteran Affairs

“The State of Nebraska’s mission is to create opportunity through more effective, more efficient, and more customer-focused state government for people doing business with our state. Recent IT consolidation efforts, led by the Office of the CIO, helping us better fulfill our mission. Through their work, CIO Ed Toner and his team are delivering greater value for taxpayers by utilizing our technology resources to automate business processes to better serve Nebraskans.”
Governor Pete Ricketts, Nebraska
Holly West
Public Information Officer
Office of the CIO
State of South Carolina

Title: Program Management Office and Governance Structure

AST lead a consolidation with a 90-day deadline to relocate over 100 staff and 2,000 servers, a mainframe, a petabyte of data, multiple backup/network devices, and supporting appliances. Using innovative solutions, the move was completed on-time and dramatically under budget.

Front Row (L to R): Stacie Clark, Sakoya Bryant, Keywa Thomas, Kyle Heise

Back Row (LL to R): Lindsey Kremlick, Scott Broam, Stephen Funny, Mike Shelton, Byron Quinatoa, Nathan Hogue

Not Pictured: Candi Bowen, Doug Drenning, Richard Jackson, Kris Pluss, Candace Williams, Pamela Yandle

Lindsey Kremlick
Director, Division of Program Management

Information Communications Technology (ICT) Innovations

State of
State of
State of
State of Arkansas

Arkansas Public School Computer Network Broadband Upgrade

The Arkansas Public School Computer Network (APSCN) is a state-wide aggregated network providing highly secure, all fiber, high speed broadband to the state’s K-12 school districts. The aggregative model allows for scalability, security and efficiency. At the time of completion, Arkansas was one of only six states in the nation to achieve 100 percent broadband connectivity.


Eric Saunders - ADE Assistant Commissioner of Fiscal and Administrative Services, Governor Asa Hutchinson, Tim Holicer, Superintendent, Glen Rose School District; YessicaJones, Chief Technology Officer

Team Members: FrankAndrews, JasonBlack, MichaelBonds, DianeBrooks, BobCourtway, LorraineCourville, KrissyCross, ChrisDodds, JakeEngles, DanielFranklin, RickeyFuller, ThomasHagins, JayHarton, RonJennings, MattJennings, TabithaLee, RickMartin, DonMcDaniel, CarlMcGinty, RobertMcGough, KevinMorse, ShelbyNeece, GrantSmith, RichardStocks, TeresaStrickland, SteveThomas, RobertThompson, HectorTrujillo, NeilWashington

Yessica Jones
Director and Chief Technology Officer
Department of Information Systems
State of Delaware

Title: Text 911 Speechless Crisis Communication Option Increases Accessibility

Text-to-911 offers an option when a person can’t make a voice call—either due to hearing/speech challenges or because a voice call might compromise the caller’s safety (e.g., a criminal incident, or domestic violence situation in progress).

(L to R): Richard Short, Terrence Hall, Kevin Sipple, John Ashanti Gilliams,Robert Coupe, Lewis Briggs, Robbie Hunt, Ed Marecki.

Not Pictured: James Collins, Michael Vincent, Mark Grubb, Dave Roberts

John Ashanti Gilliams
E911 Administrator
Delaware Department of Safety and Homeland Security
State of Michigan

Title: MI Bridges: Helping Michigan Citizens Every Step of the Way

MI Bridges is an intuitive platform that revolutionizes the way Michigan residents interact with MDHHS to apply for benefits, manage their case, and collaborate with community organizations. MI Bridges has transformed the State of Michigan’s service delivery model to become more person-centric through a “best in class” digital experience that structures government to put people first.

(L to R): Ward Beauchamp, Sanjay Srivastava, Hari Murthy, Brant Cole, Amy Hundley, Judy Odett, Jon Breems, Karen Parker, John Dullock.

David DeVries
DTMB Director and State of Michigan Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget
Ward Beauchamp
DTMB General Manager
Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget
“The department was able to rapidly transform legacy systems into an integrated service platform by leveraging the latest cloud technology to deliver citizen-centric government services. This supports our mission of assisting Michigan residents in addressing their barriers to self-sufficiency.”
Ward Beauchamp, DTMB General Manager

NASCIO Corporate Member Partners

State CIO Office Special Recognition

Commonwealth of
State of
State of
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Title: Center of Excellence for Electronic Grants

The CIO’s office partnered with a state agency to offer its grants management system as an enterprise service, providing departments cost-effective options to modernize paper processes and replace outdated grants systems. The public can now view and apply for grants from seven departments on a single online portal. Applications previously managed on paper are being processed 50 percent faster than before.

Front Row (L to R): Erich Loych, Tracey Guillory, Chan Dang, Sarah Smith, Anna Maria Kiehl, Rosa Lara

Back Row (L to R): Brian Knipple, Mark Markiewicz, Kristopher Adams, Damian Cummings, Bret Challenger

“Pennsylvania state agencies are working together like never before. The unified grants system is one example of how we have been able to share resources to be more efficient and improve access to our programs.”
John MacMillan, CIO, Pennsylvania
Rosa Lara
Director, Office of Strategy and Management
Office of Administration
State of California

Cybersecurity 4-Core Partnership

California’s Cybersecurity 4-Core is a collaborative partnership between the California Department of Technology, Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, California Highway Patrol, and California Military Department to continue its mission to strengthen and fortify California’s security posture, preparedness and cyber-defense strategy.

Amy Tong
State Chief Information Officer & Director
California Department of Technology
State of Washington

Title: “REBOOT” –Where Is the Value in Starting Over?

A 2016 “reboot” of the four-year-old Washington Technology Business Management program introduced consistent standards and practices, streamlined resource commitments statewide and improved transparency into IT investments for more informed decision making.

(L to R) Sue Langen - Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO)Cammy Webster -Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), Derek Puckett -Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), Jillian Murphy -Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB), Natalie Krisko -Department of Labor and Industries (LNI)

Not Pictured: Rob St. John - Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), David Dunnington - Department of Corrections (DOC),Danika Brazil - Department of Labor and Industries (LNI), Marla Kentfield - Office of the State Treasure (OST)

Cammy Webster
Senior Program Manager, OCIO