NASCIO's Strategic Plan

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To foster government excellence through leadership of quality business practices, information management and technology policy



Government in which the public is fully served through business innovation and the efficient and effective use of technology policy 

As guiding principles, the National Association of State Chief Information Officers will:

  • be non-partisan
  • be ethical in our actions and relationships
  • foster policies that support the public trust
  • focus on multi-jurisdictional issues
  • promote open standards and best practices
  • promote strategic alignment of government technology investments and state business agendas
  • promote the CIO as the technology leader who drives business innovation and transformation

 The association’s goals and objectives to realize our mission and vision include:

Goals and Objectives

  • NASCIO excels as the premier community and trusted resource for state CIOs
    • Support transition planning, processes and mentoring for state CIOs
    • Identify and promote leading practices and innovations to support, enable and transform the business of state government
    • Improve the sharing of experiences and expertise among members, trade associations and strategic partners
    • Curate and promote content on information technology issues, implications and solutions
  • NASCIO advances the state CIOs as key state leaders
    • Promote and strengthen the state CIO as a business leader and trusted advisor
    • Advance and reinforce the role the state CIO plays as a leader in development of public policy
    • Support and communicate leadership, innovation, and information technology best practices for state government
    • Advance the evolving role of the state CIO as a transformative government leader
  • NASCIO is a national leader and advocate for information technology policy at all levels of government
    • Strengthen strategic alliances with key partners
    • Promote and lead cross-boundary collaboratives, solutions and relationships
    • Promote and enhance the critical role of information technology and innovation in the business and continuity of state government
    • Educate and build consensus among members and stakeholders
    • Advocate for strategic priorities of state CIOs

NASCIO relies on its strategic plan to guide the development of the annual business plan and supporting performance measurement. Linked to objectives, the performance measures and metrics in the business plan define the strategic initiatives, outcomes, key performance indicators and vital signs of NASCIO for the program year. Strategic initiatives to be addressed are determined by the Executive Committee after assessing state member priorities, as well as emerging national trends and issues.

Staff contact: Doug Robinson, Executive Director 
Phone: 859.514.9171
E-mail: [email protected]