Recent NASCIO Advocacy Actions

As a 501c (3) (h) nonprofit association, NASCIO's primary objective in the advocacy and policy arena is to provide policy-makers with insight and recommendations regarding the implications of technology-related legislation, regulations, policies and proposals.

Advocacy Actions by Date

Criteria for Action and Advocacy

Association policy follows the guiding principles outlined in the NASCIO's Strategic Plan (adopted July, 2012) which states that NASCIO will:
  • be non-partisan,
  • be ethical in its actions and relationships,
  • foster policies that support the public trust,
  • focus on multi-jurisdictional issues,
  • promote open standards and best practices,
  • promote strategic alignment of state business agendas and government technology investments,
  • promote the CIO as the technology leader who drives innovation and transformation

General Policy Principles (adopted October 2012)

  • Government information is an asset that must be held in trust and effectively managed.
  • Government information at all levels should be leveraged and supported by coordinated, integrated solutions.
  • Information solutions should facilitate government access, efficiency, and accountability to citizens.
  • NASCIO encourages flexibility for states in implementing technology solutions per federal and state funding requirements.
  • NASCIO discourages the creation of new stove-piped programs as well as unfunded federal mandates.
  • Protecting the privacy and security of citizen information is a fiduciary responsibility of government.
  • The public and private sectors should be active partners, where appropriate, in identifying and meeting citizen and government information needs.

The NASCIO membership approves policy objectives for NASCIO's federal advocacy efforts
each year to guide the federal affairs activities and support the Washington D.C. Fly-In.

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