Meritorious Service Award Overview

The NASCIO Meritorious Service Award honors leadership in state government and dedication to the advancement of NASCIO's mission.

Since its inception more than 40 years ago, NASCIO has focused on enhancing government service through the effective use of information technology and energetic advocacy for progressive IT policy. NASCIO's achievements have largely been due the enthusiasm, focus, and dedicated service of our members. To honor outstanding service, NASCIO presents the Meritorious Service Award to state CIOS that have shown exemplary leadership and commitment in redefining the role of technology at the federal, state and local levels.

Nominations for the 2019 award will be accepted from current State CIOs from June 3 to July 12.


This is a peer-to-peer recognition. To be eligible for this award, the nominee must currently serve as a state CIO or be no more than 12 months removed from being a state CIO. Only current state CIOs can submit nominations for this award.

If you are a state CIO and would like to nominate one of your fellow CIOs for this recognition, please email Emily Lane at [email protected] In your note include: 1. the name of your nominee, 2. a brief overview of his/her state accomplishments, and 3. mention of the nominee's notable service to NASCIO.


Selection of the Meritorious Service Award honoree is based on two major criteria:

  • Accomplishments of the nominee in his/her state; and
  • Service and leadership to NASCIO.

MSA Recipients

Mark Raymond 2018 Recipient:
Mark Raymond, Chief Information Officer
State of Connecticut
Stu Davis 2016 Recipient:
Stu Davis, Chief Information Officer
State of Ohio
Craig Orgeron 2015 Recipient:
Craig Orgeron, PhD, Chief Information Officer, State of Mississippi
Dugan Petty 2013 Recipient:
Dugan Petty, NASCIO President 2011-2012
Dick Clark 2012 Recipient:
Dick Clark, Chief Information Officer, State of Montana
J. Stephen Fletcher, 2011 Recipient:
J. Stephen Fletcher, Chief Information Officer and Executive Director, State of Utah
Brenda Decker 2010 Recipient:
Brenda Decker, Chief Information Officer, State of Nebraska
Richard B. Thompson 2009 Recipient:
Richard B. Thompson, Chief Information Officer, State of Maine
Teri Takai 2008 Recipient:
Teri Takai, Chief Information Officer, State of California
Thomas Jarrett 2006 Recipient:
Thomas Jarrett, Secretary & Chief Information Officer, State of Delaware
Otto Doll 2005 Recipient:
Otto Doll, Chief Information Officer, State of South Dakota
Gerry Wethington 2004 Recipient:
Gerry Wethington, Chief Information Officer, State of Missouri
Aldona Valicenti 2003 Recipient:
Aldona Valicenti, Chief Information Officer, Commonwealth of Kentucky