2005 NASCIO State IT Recognition Awards

With the need for government to become more efficient, successes in information technology in state government deserve to be highlighted and shared now more than ever. For the seventeenth consecutive year, NASCIO: Representing Chief Information Officers of the States has honored outstanding achievements in the field of information technology through its Recognition Awards Program. Emphasis was placed on recognizing those information technology initiatives which best assist government officials in executing their duties and providing cost-effective service to citizens.

Award winners were announced in press releases and letters to governors and other elected officials. In the past, the NASCIO Recognition Awards have been featured in several national publications and award winners have gone on to win in other prestigious competitions. The award winners were also honored at the 2005 NASCIO annual conference in San Diego, California. In addition, the executive summaries of all nominations are posted below to share these best practices with other states. 

NASCIO State IT Recognition Award Categories