State Technology Innovator Award Overview

The NASCIO State Technology Innovator Award honors outstanding individuals who have made contributions to advance state technology policy through the promotion of best practices, adoption of new technologies and advancements in service delivery.

Nominations are closed for 2019. Recipients will be announced at the Annual Conference in October. 

Nominations for the 2020 award will be accepted starting in June. 





Through this award, NASCIO strives to acknowledge state leaders, managers and employees who promote innovation, excellence and good government. Nominees must be an employee representing state government.  

The state CIO, elected or appointed officials, and those working for the state under contract with private sector firms are not eligible for this award.

Nominations will be accepted from NASCIO members and non-members.  NASCIO staff may also nominate outstanding individuals they encounter in the course of their work.

Submissions will be reviewed with an eye toward the nominee’s:
  • Personal leadership and advocacy to advance the state’s technology policy agenda; and
  • Adoption of emerging technology, demonstration of best practices and/or innovation in service delivery.
The State Technology Innovator Award subcommittee will review all nominations and present a final slate of candidates to the Executive Committee for consideration. Up to three individuals may be recognized each year and the final selection is made by the NASCIO Executive Committee

State Technology Innovator Award Recipients

Nikhil Deshpande 2019 Recipient:
Nikhil Deshpande, Chief Digital Officer, State of Georgia

Tony Powell 2019 Recipient:
Tony Powell, CIO, Department of Health, State of Florida

Tere Shade 2019 Recipient:
Tere Shade, Business Solutions Manger, State of Texas

Chris Cruz 2018 Recipient:
Chris Cruz, Deputy CIO, State of California

David McCurdy 2018 Recipient:
David McCurdy, CTO, State of Colorado

Steve Nichols 2018 Recipient:
Rajiv Rao, CTO, State of New York

Derek Bridges 2017 Recipient:
Derek Bridges, Program Administrator, OAKS, State of Ohio

Carrie Mayne 2017 Recipient:
Carrie Mayne, Chief Economist, Department of Workforce Services, State of Utah

Steve Nichols 2017 Recipient:
Steve Nichols, PhD, Chief Technology Officer, State of Georgia

John Hickenlooper 2016 Recipient:
Governor John Hickenlooper, State of Colorado

Dr. Bill Hazel 2016 Recipient:
Dr. Bill Hazel, Secretary of Health and Human Resources, Commonwealth of Virginia

Delano Squires 2016 Recipient:
Delano Squires, Director, Connect.DC

Terry Branstad 2015 Recipient:
Terry Branstad, Governor, State of Iowa

Chris Clark 2015 Recipient:
Chris Clark, Executive Director, Office of Administrative and Technology Services, Cabinet for Health and Human Services, Commonwealth of Kentucky

Jeff Kline 2015 Recipient:
Jeff Kline, Program Director, Electronic and Information Resources Accessibility, State of Texas

Mark Walker 2014 Recipient:
Mark Walker, Deputy Tax Commissioner/CIO, Ohio Department of Taxation

Dianna Anderson 2014 Recipient:
Dianna Anderson, Chief Data Officer, Colorado Governor's Office of Information Technology

Selvi Stanislaus 2013 Recipient:
Selvi Stanislaus, Executive Officer, State of California

Scott Gessler 2013 Recipient:
Scott Gessler, Secretary of State, State of Colorado

Dave Heineman 2012 Recipient:
Dave Heineman, Governor, State of Nebraska

Ruth Johnson 2011 Recipient:
Ruth Johnson, Secretary, Department of Children and Family Services, State of Louisiana

David Y. Ige 2010 Recipient:
David Y. Ige, Senate Technology Leader, State of Hawaii

Chris Johnson 2010 Recipient:
Chris Johnson, Vice President of Geospatial Technologies, U.S. Space and Rocket Center, State of Alabama

Eric Swanson 2010 Recipient:
Eric Swanson, Director, Center for Shared Solutions and Technology Partnerships, Department of Technology, Management and Budget, State of Michigan