As the State of Delaware Chief Information Officer, I am tasked with leading the Department of Technology and Information (DTI). DTI is the central technology support organization that serves all branches of Delaware State government.  We deliver innovative technology solutions and services to all State organizations helping them successfully meet their customer and business needs, as stated in our mission; “We provide technology services and collaborative solutions for Delaware.”

Delaware is a recognized leader in many areas of information technology, but there is always the need for continuous improvement.  “It can be done better”, that’s my motto.  “Improving the lives of Delawareans through advanced technologies that innovate government services” is our vision.  Our Mission and Vision identifies and sets a new direction toward a more customer-centric and transparent IT organization in order to provide the high-quality, cost-effective IT services that our agencies depend upon to help improve the lives of all our citizens and businesses. This is the challenging, yet exciting, part of the job, as we are tasked with looking into the future to see  where things are going, where we should be headed from a networking,  infrastructure, application development perspective; and start moving in that direction. 

In this short video I talk about:

Broadband - The Broadband initiatives that have taken place in Delaware over the last three years allows rural businesses to compete against counterparts in more populated regions and provides countless economic and social advantages to schools, businesses, citizens that would not otherwise be afforded. DTI worked with public/private partnerships to incentivize vendors to push out broadband infrastructure into rural areas where it wasn’t economically feasible for them to do it before.

Delaware Open Data Council – The goal is to enable state agencies, the public, and the business community to share public information in formats that can be easily accessed on mobile devices, tablets, and computers so it can be manipulated and actually consumed by other applications and repurposed for commercial purposes; another evolution of government efficiency and transparency for us.

Responsible Stewardship - Stewardship for us has to do with ensuring the security of state systems and information, providing cost effective solutions, and facilitating the most effective use of our systems and information.   

Collaborative Business Partner – We have positioned ourselves to be a strategic technology partner, a consultative resource adding value and quality, vested in the success of all Delaware State Agencies.  As a collaborative business partner we must learn and understand our customers’ business needs, this philosophy is built into our Core Values.

Centralization – In the past, technology efforts were silos in the various branches of government. Today, we are actively engaged in the centralization process of over 70% of Executive Branch agencies.  We now can put in solutions that are enterprise wide.  Centralization is a significant paradigm shift from a fiscal, logistical and organizational change management perspective. 

It takes more than a clear vision of action to carry out the IT operations of an entire State government, especially when we seek to stretch the boundaries and capabilities of systems and processes currently in place -  it takes people. The exceptional team at DTI makes it possible for us to maintain and improve IT services, as well as support our State organizations and the citizens of Delaware. 

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