California’s IT community continues to improve our capabilities, our people, our methodologies and our technology to better serve all Californians. As we work with our state and local partners, the state legislature, and our industry partners, we continue to discover new ways to address the most critical needs in the business of government and provide our workforce and the people of California with user-centered digital services.

California’s IT community is strategically focusing on the following areas:

1. Ensuring Security of Sensitive Information Assets – In collaboration with its partners, the State of California has established a Cybersecurity Defense Vision. This partnership has improved the state’s security posture and enabled the continuous enhancement of security intelligence to reduce the likelihood and severity of cyber incidents that could damage California’s economy or critical infrastructure. California has also taken the necessary steps to enhance its Information Security Program to focus on prevention and education. Historically, information security was measured by compliance to hundreds of security controls that were difficult to manage and almost impossible to report. The Information Security Program has developed a new framework with a simplified set of objectives that state entities can work toward. The framework will be used to track, assess, manage and report on all aspects of the enterprise security architecture.

2. Fostering Innovation and Partnerships –
The State of California is a thought leader in the country and a model for other government entities in providing innovative tools for its partners. IT capabilities and options continue to advance, and expectations of state government and consumers of IT services grow in response. Workers and consumers expect modern, reliable, secure, innovative and regulatory compliant solutions. State IT continues to bring government closer to its people through the availability of the best solutions, and access to non-confidential government data that enables informed, data-enabled decisions. Access to new and growing open data portals are starting new conversations about growth and progress. Additionally, the state continues to migrate to a unified cloud infrastructure that provides flexibility, scalability and government-level security to state entities, allowing them to evolve and expand their business practices when and how they need it.

3. Enabling Successful IT Project Establishment and Delivery –
California, like every state, is reliant on IT projects to implement new and modern technology to support its business needs. The State of California currently manages more than $3.5 billion in active IT projects to bring contemporary, stable, working solutions to its business partners. As technology evolves, so does the state’s approach to IT project establishment and delivery. California is augmenting proven and mature approaches with new collaborative methods to plan and implement projects. The overarching goal, as always, is to ensure that California achieves its business objectives and provides the best value for the people of California. In all cases, projects are planned and overseen to ensure that each uses industry best practices and effectively manages risk.

4. Providing Sustainable and Efficient Business Enablement Services – California’s IT services are critical to the business of government – from health care services to fighting fires to protecting the environment. Providing mission-critical systems requires a highly capable workforce and innovative technology; state IT is focused on maintaining scalable and flexible IT capabilities, and enhancing the expertise and relevance of IT professionals through education, knowledge-sharing and creating communities of interest.