Making Government Work for Minnesota

As the State of Minnesota’s information technology agency, Minnesota IT Services provides the central technical solutions agencies want, and need, to connect with Minnesotans. Minnesota IT Services does this by providing both enterprise and local IT services to Executive Branch Agencies, connecting 87 counties, 300 cities, and 200 public higher education campuses across the state on a singular and secure network.

With cybersecurity and data privacy at the forefront of many conversations given the headlines in recent months, Minnesota IT Services work around the clock to defend state systems and networks against cyber-threats, protecting the private data of 5.5 million Minnesotans.

Providing innovative solutions to connect agency services with Minnesotans, modernizing the states’ technology infrastructure, and enhancing the cyber-defenses are Minnesota IT Services Top Priorities for 2017.

Secure the State

As part of Minnesota IT Services efforts to protect and defend state data from cyber-threats, Commissioner Baden has made the development of a 5-year cybersecurity plan a top priority. The plan, will prioritize initiatives for the management, control, and protection of state data and assets.

Key projects and initiatives:
• Implement Minnesota’s cybersecurity strategic plan
• Work with business partners to implement cybersecurity score cards
• Implement Minnesota’s cybersecurity policies and standards across the enterprise

Create Possibilities
By providing leadership and expertise to state agencies, Minnesota IT Services is able to help improve and enhance agency processes and decision-making. Through the creation of shared strategies around solutions, Minnesota IT Services staff are able to elevate common business problems across agencies, providing shared solutions across the enterprise.>
Key projects and initiatives:
• Provide professional expertise to help solve agency technology solutions
• Make state government smarter, more efficient, and accessible for all Minnesotans

Finalize the Foundation
Provide the agility and transparency necessary for state agencies to make and adjust IT investment decisions based on their business and customer needs.

Key projects and initiatives:
• Streamline and modernize procurement processes for IT products and services
• Provide IT solutions in plain language to help agency staff make informed choices
• Be transparent in our billing and rate methodologies