Mark VanOrden
State of Utah

Access to the internet has never been more important than it is now. Utah ranks number one in the nation with 95% percent of homes having access to the internet. This provides Utah a great opportunity to make a difference by offering state government services online.
The State of Utah’s portal,, provides:

  • 1,100 online state services
  • 1.5 million unique visitors to the web portal per month
  • 4.5 million total visits per month
  • 53 million page views per month
  • 35 million online transactions per year

The Center for Public Policy and Administration at the University of Utah completed a study in 2012 indicating that the State of Utah saves an average of $13 per transaction completed online. This equates to a savings of $500 million annually.
Utah has been able to provide easy to use online government services, including:

  • 594,913 hunting and fishing licenses
  • 95% of all business renewals
  • 99% of all weekly unemployment insurance claims
  • 84% of all state tax returns
  • 76% of all Food Stamp applications has been designed from a “mobile-first” perspective in order to support the increasing number of mobile device users. All web pages are developed using responsive design.
The Division of Wildlife Resources mobile hunting and fishing application was designed to provide outdoorsmen with the latest and most useful information and technology available to help them enjoy their activities throughout the state. The app disseminates information on upcoming hunt dates, application periods, watchable wildlife events, and public meetings. It is the first state mobile app to create a digital wallet that allows law enforcement officers to scan and verify official licenses and permits with the same equipment the officers are already using.
The Walking School application developed by the Utah Department of Transportation allows parents to create and plan walks to and from school. Parents can:

  • search by elementary school for existing walking groups
  • create walking groups and invite neighbors to join
  • assign parent leaders to walk with students
  • group text within the app
  • and alert parents when students have arrived safely at school.

The Utah Bill Watch app helps concerned residents easily track bills by topic, legislator’s name, or bill number, and receive instant updates via push notification as bills move through the Utah Legislature. The app allows users to create and share lists of legislative priorities with others.
myCase is a web application for residents in need of services such as food stamps, Medicaid, and child care. Residents can use myCase to apply for services, track benefits, and receive online correspondence, saving the state millions of dollars in mailing costs.
Utah’s goal is to provide residents easy access to government services, and:

  • Reduce agencies’ cost of services
  • Support the business objectives of the agencies
  • Provide intuitive, easy to use applications
  • Ensure all services are secure
  • Provide open, transparent access to all public data.
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