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The important work of NASCIO is conceived and executed by business and operating committees comprised of volunteer members and supported by association staff. In addition to the Executive Committee, NASCIO has operating committees and ad hoc issues committees and working groups that report to the Executive Committee.

Interested in volunteering? Complete our Volunteer Interest Form and let us know on which current committee or working group you'd like to serve. A call for volunteers for the next program year will be sent out each November highlighting any changes or additions to the committees/working groups.

 *Based on volunteer interest, the NASCIO President will appoint committee members for the 2018 Programs Committee. Those asked to serve on the 2018 Programs Committee will be contacted by NASCIO staff in December. 

Operating Committees

Committees and Working Groups

Operating as a subcommittee of the Cybersecurity Committee, the Privacy and Data Protection Working Group will be a forum to discuss relevant issues in the states and to encourage state governments to create scalable tools and solutions for data protection. Possible topics may include, but are not limited to, privacy practices and policies with respect to electronic communications, cloud services, location tracking, automatic license plate readers, unmanned aerial vehicles and IoT. The expected format is a sharing of best practices by states, presentations from chief privacy officers and information from other privacy professionals.

The committee focuses on the intersection between security and privacy to help state CIOs formulate high-level security and data protection policies and technical controls to secure the states' information systems and protect the personal and sensitive information within them. The committee monitors new security and privacy threats created by emerging technologies, as well as federal privacy and security legislation for collateral impact on the states. The committee fulfills NASCIO's goals of strengthening state CIOs' awareness of important IT issues and promoting the sharing of best practices, experiences and expertise.

Meeting Schedule: The Working Group will have monthly meetings by conference call or webinar the last Wednesday of each month at 3:00pm ET. Issue brief(s)on relevant topics may be developed at the discretion of the working group.

Committee Co-chairs: Sallie Milam, Chief Privacy Officer, State of West Virginia


Staff contact: Amy Glasscock 
Phone: 859.514.9148 

Issue Statement

Compliance with federal data security/cybersecurity regulations has been a pain point for many state CIOs, especially in the context of IT consolidation/optimization. IT consolidation/optimization has consistently ranked as a top priority for state CIOs (#2 in 2017) in the State CIO Top Ten ( and federal regulations have been a barrier to those attempting to achieve IT consolidation. Additionally, the audits that accompany federal compliance requirements have produced inconsistent results and contrary findings. State information security personnel are spending a disproportionate amount of time on compliance activities—some as high as hours equivalent to 14 months of full time work—rather than those that would enhance the security posture of the state. Membership would be limited to state members.

Potential deliverables to be addressed in the program year include but are not limited to:

  • Mapping federal regulations to a common standard
  • Developing new standards (or altering existing standards) by which federal auditing entities can measure compliance
  • Collecting and producing material advantageous for advocacy effort

The working group will meet on the second Tuesday of the month and as needed. 

Committee Chairs

Charter Period
The committee will operate under a charter until September 30, 2018.

Staff contact: Yejin Cooke 
Phone: 202.624.8477 

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