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Opening Session and Keynote

Slides: Monday Welcome and Keynote.pdf

General Session: State IT Workforce: Facing Reality with Innovation

Slides: State IT Workforce - Facing Reality with Innovation.pdf

Discovery Session: Is State IT Working on the Right Things?
Slides: Is State IT Working on the Right Things.pdf

Discovery Session: Today’s Forecast: A Case Study in Cloud Procurement
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Discovery Session: Expect Surprises: Project Management Advice from the Field
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General Session: Forces of Change: Addressing Policy Challenges

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General Session: Backroom to the Boardroom: Successful Implementation Ideas for New Technologies

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Discovery Session: Advanced Cyber Analytics: Preparing, Predicting and Preventing Cyber Attacks
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Discovery Session: Living with Risk? What IT Pros Should Know about Cybersecurity Insurance
Slides: Cybersecurity Insurance.pdf

Discovery Session: Managing Data as a Strategic Asset: How is that Accomplished?
Slides: Managing Data As a Strategic Asset.pdf

General Session: On The Radar: The Future of Unmanned Aerial Systems

Slides: On the Radar.pdf



Day 1 : Sunday, April 26th

  • Registration

    Plaza Ballroom Foyer, Lower Level

  • State Member Lunch

    (State Members Only)

    Terrace Room, Lower Level

  • Public Sector Leadership Forum

    (State Members Only)

    Terrace Room, Lower Level

  • Corporate Leadership Council Meeting

    Corporate members, this is your opportunity to discuss important issues and gain updates on trends and concerns facing state government IT.

    (Corporate Members Only)

    Magnolia Room, Upper Level

  • Welcome Reception

    Don’t miss the 2015 Midyear welcome reception, which features an array of food and drink options and the opportunity to meet, greet and mingle.

    (Open to All Attendees)

    The Lawn and Terrace Patio

Day 2: Monday, April 27th

  • Registration

    Plaza Ballroom Foyer, Lower Level

  • Breakfast Networking Roundtables:
    What is New with State Mobile Apps?

    Mobile Apps - literally information at your fingertips. In today’s environment, citizens expect information to be easy to access and share. What are states doing to meet this need via mobile apps? How are they enabling citizens in everyday activities, streamlining processes and marketing services? During this networking session, choose a table featuring an app that interests you and change tables every 15 minutes.

    Plaza Ballroom Foyer, Lower Level

  • Welcome and Keynote Cultivating Leadership

    Michelle Stacy, Former President of Green Mountain’s Keurig Division, Visionary Corporate Leader on Growth, Innovation and Culture

    Plaza Ballroom, Lower Level

  • Networking Break

    Plaza Ballroom Foyer, Lower Level

  • State IT Workforce: Facing Reality With Innovation

    Discussion Facilitator: Jim Smith, Chief Information Officer, Maine
    Tim Robyn, Chief Information Officer, Missouri
    Leslie Scott, Executive Director, NASPE
    Carlos Ramos, State Chief Information Officer, California

    The predicted shortage in the state information technology (IT) workforce has been discussed and debated for over a decade and states have been confronted with numerous challenges when it comes to identifying gaps in a changing IT workforce.  A major concern for state CIOs continues to be the significant number of state IT employees who are eligible for retirement or have been eligible, but have postponed retirement due to the economic downturn. In spite of this, there is evidence that the economy is recovering and some states are experiencing record numbers of retirement. This session will go over the 2015 NASCIO survey and focus on innovation, best practices and recommendations.

    Plaza Ballroom, Lower Level

  • Lunch

    Plaza Ballroom, Lower Level

  • Is State IT Working on the Right Things?

    Moderator: Eric Sweden, Program Director, Enterprise Architecture & Governance, National Association of State Chief Information Officers
    Craig P. Orgeron, Chief Information Officer and Executive Director, Department of Information Technology Services, Mississippi
    Tom Jaskowiak, Senior Principal, Infosys Public Services
    Matt Rigney, Senior Principal, Infosys Public Services

    What does it mean to be working on the "right things?" Infosys Public Services and NASCIO have collaborated to survey state government IT leaders on the fundamental processes, mechanisms, and criteria necessary to ensure that State IT is "working on the right things." Based on the results of the survey and informed by a subset of state CIO interviews, there is certainly a disparity among the states in their approach to IT investment decision making. Join the session to hear the study results explained along with insights on how states can better determine the "right things."

    Juniper Room, Lower Level

    Today’s Forecast: A Case Study in Cloud Procurement

    Discussion Facilitator: Alex Pettit, Chief Information Officer, Oregon
    Neeraj Chauhan, CalCloud Project Director, California
    Bill Burns, Administrator - Division of Purchasing, Department of Administration, Idaho
    Reuben Molloy,Chief Information Technology Officer, U.S. Virgin Islands

    As needs and requirements in state government technology have changed, the state IT sector likewise has evolved to seek new service delivery models for the end users they serve. One such delivery model that it seems most states are adopting is a shift to cloud-based services. This breakout session will focus on the joint NASCIO/NASPO case study publication and best practices for cloud services, private and hybrid cloud strategies and current trends and opportunities.

    Aspen Room, Lower Level

    Expect Surprises: Project Management Advice from the Field

    Discussion Facilitator: Mark VanOrden, Chief Information Officer, Utah
    Andrea Wallin-Rohmann, Chief Deputy Director of Policy, California
    Doug Chandler, PMO, Utah
    Doug Birgfeld, Director, Project Management Office, Maine

    Quality project management is a basic element to the successful implementation of any technology project. Panelists representing three different states will share their experiences with successful project management, discuss a variety of topics including; establishing a PMO office, certification, project initiation, collaboration, lessons learned, iteration process, Agile software development implementation standards.

    Arbors Room, Lower Level

  • Energy Break

    Plaza Ballroom Foyer, Lower Level

  • Afternoon Networking Roundtables:
    Are you Ready for Disruptive Change? Pick a Topic!

    Choose a table, explore timely topics and network with your peers. A corporate member and state member will be available at each table to facilitate discussion. Everyone will have the opportunity to rotate to a second topic after 30 minutes.

    Plaza Ballroom Foyer, Lower Level

  • Networking & Give Back Event

    Did you make your donation to the Give Back Program? If so, join us for networking as we stuff backpacks with school supplies to support local students in need. Donations are accepted onsite. NASCIO is working with the Family and Community Engagement Center (FACE) to distribute the backpacks; stop by their booth for more information.

    Networking & Give Back Event

  • Premier Reception

    Check in starts at 5:15pm in the Hotel Lobby. Transportation to event leaves promptly at 5:30pm.

    Invited Guests Only

Day 3: Tuesday, April 28th

  • Registration

    Plaza Ballroom Foyer, Lower Level

  • Breakfast Networking Roundtables:
    State CIOs in the Spotlight

    State CIOs make a difference. Every day, state CIOs strive to make a positive difference in the lives of the citizens of their state. Each state has a great story to share. Pull up a chair and gain insights into the work going on in state CIOs' offices.

  • Presentation of
    NASCIO Technology Champion Award

  • Forces of Change:
    Addressing Policy Challenges

    • Discussion Facilitator, Dugan Petty, MEO Coordinator, Center for Digital Government
    • Panelists
    • Robert Bohn, Cloud Computing Technical Program Manager, NIST
    • Steve Emanuel, State CIO, New Jersey
    • Steve Nichols, Chief Technology Officer, Georgia
    • Michael DeAngelo, Deputy CIO, Washington State

    Dynamic advances in technology are creating new technology and business solutions that offer big benefits to governments. Yet government policies are not keeping pace. This panel will discuss how these new disruptive models are creating pressure points on policy and what can be done to resolve policy conflict.

    Plaza Ballroom, Lower Level

  • Networking Break

    Plaza Ballroom Foyer, Lower Level

  • Backroom to the Boardroom: Successful Implementation Ideas for New Technologies

    Discussion Facilitator: Chris Estes, State Chief Information Officer, North Carolina
    Eric Ellis, Chief Technology Officer, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, State of North Carolina & Director, North Carolina Innovation Center
    Bill Oates, Commonwealth Chief Information Officer, Massachusetts
    David Fletcher, Chief Technology Officer, Utah

    New technology, by nature, is disruptive. Implementing new technology requires thoughtful integration with our business partners. The implementation of new technologies are best supported by moving IT from the backroom to the boardroom. The inclusion of IT professionals in governing decisions makes a case for creating an environment where all stakeholders can collaborate as partners to test out new technology.

    Please join us as we discuss new technologies that are viewed as disruptive and talks about collaborating with our business partners to increase successful adoption.

    Plaza Ballroom, Lower Level

  • Lunch

    Plaza Ballroom, Lower Level

  • Advanced Cyber Analytics: Preparing, Predicting and Preventing Cyber Attacks

    • Discussion Facilitator, David Behen, Chief Information Office and Department Director, Michigan
    • Panelists
    • Michael Roling, CISO, State of Missouri
    • Erik Avakian, CISO, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
    • Agnes Kirk, State of Washington

    Cyber analytics is a growing capability that encompasses collecting and evaluating data about human behavior, network traffic, system performance, and uncovering fraud.

    In this session we’ll talk with experts from state government to learn about the current threat landscape and what is coming in the future. Using facilitated interaction with the audience participants, we’ll collaborate to develop recommendations for state government. These recommendations will be presented in the paper NASCIO is currently researching on cyber analytics.

    We hope you’ll join us and actively participate in the generation of ideas.

    Arbors Room, Lower Level

    Living With Risk? What IT Pros Should Know About Cybersecurity Insurance

    Discussion Facilitator: Steve Emanuel, Chief Information Officer, New Jersey
    Ron Baldwin, Chief Information Officer, Montana
    Ted Kobus, Partner, BakerHostetler
    Calvin Rhodes, Executive Director and State Chief Information Officer, Georgia

    A cyber-security incident can be catastrophic. A single breach can destroy your budget and your reputation for years to come. Can cyber-security insurance help manage the risks? This panel includes government officials and insurance industry representatives who will discuss the benefits – and limitations – of cyber-security coverage as a risk-management tool. The panel’s goal is to equip IT professionals with the knowledge to make informed recommendations to other government leaders and managers. The discussion may help you decide whether it’s time to incorporate cyber-security insurance in your emergency management strategy. Are YOU ready?

    Juniper Room, Lower Level

    Managing Data as a Strategic Asset: How is that Accomplished?

    Aspen Room, Lower Level

    • Discussion Facilitator, Paul Baltzell, CIO, State of Indiana
    • Panelists
    • Peter Aiken, Founding Diretor, Data Blueprint
    • Jeffrey Kriseman, Chief Public Health Informatics Officer, State of Tennessee
    • Joe Grubbs, Public Health Informatics Modis, Inc. - Health Information Technology

    The importance of data has become more and more the subject of discussion and investment. The private sector and the public sector are scrambling to understand this valuable resource and exploring, and experimenting, with how to fully harvest value. Value is measured not by degree of activity, but real impact on citizen outcomes. The concept of "data ownership" and "system of record" have become more important as state government slowly moves toward more collaborative cross agency and cross jurisdictional approaches to meeting citizen needs. Paramount to this collaboration is breaking down the data silos that have been built up over decades as well as barriers including political, organizational and technical.

    Aspen Room, Lower Level

  • Energy Break

    Plaza Ballroom Foyer, Lower Level

  • On the Radar: The Future of Unmanned Aerial Systems

    Discussion Facilitator:  Michael Cockrill, Chief Information Officer, Washington
    Kevin Pomfrett, Executive Director, Centre for Spatial Law and Policy
    Mario Mairena, Senior Government Relations Manager, Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) 

    The use of civilian unmanned aerial systems (UAS) or drones in US airspace has recently become a topic of intense interest, with concepts for commercial and law enforcement uses proliferating. Their use in state governments is also growing, as well as legislative debate on the merits. With opportunities and benefits promoted on a daily basis, states must address the data management, security, privacy and safety policy issues related to drone use. What are the specific issues that must be addressed and is this a role for the state CIO?

    Plaza Ballroom, Lower Level

  • State Member Business Meeting

    (State Members Only)

    Terrace Room, Lower Level

Day 4: Wednesday, April 29th

  • DC Fly-In

    State CIO and Policy Officials Only

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Give Back

Each year NASCIO gives back to the community of the conference location. This year in Alexandria, Virginia we worked with the Family and Community Engagement Center (FACE) to provide 120 backpacks filled with school supplies for underprivileged kindergarteners attending Alexandria City Public Schools. Thanks to the generosity of NASCIO state and corporate members, we were able to support the work of FACE with a $1,000 donation in addition to the backpacks.

What is FACE?
FACE stands for Family And Community Engagement. The goal of the FACE Center is to provide opportunities and resources for students, families and community members to participate in activities relevant to the academic achievement of ACPS students. Research indicates that engagement in schools not only helps improve student academic outcomes but is also linked to improved behavior, attendance, graduation and college enrollment rates.

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