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NASCIO All States Innovations Forum: Successfully Implementing Business Intelligence and Analytics for Effective Use – What To Do Before You Do All That Technical Stuff

  • May 2010
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Business Intelligence (BI) is the catalyst for making good management decisions. The Virginia Information Technologies Agency recognized that BI is key to maintaining Virginia’s excellent management reputation.

This session presents how the initiative to upgrade Virginia’s BI tools recognized that the people and business process issues were more critical to success than the BI technology. You will hear how Virginia’s initiative to upgrade BI tools used the creation of a knowledge worker community of practice – a Business Intelligence Competency Center (BICC) – to raise the level of business involvement in the increased use of BI.

Learn how the focus on the people and process of change, rather than just the technical issues, improved the usefulness of the new tools. You will hear the lessons learned in establishing this center of excellence. We will describe how a BICC can improve the usefulness and effectiveness of BI in your state.

Opening remarks:

  • Peggy Feldmann: Ms. Feldmann is the Director of the Enterprise Applications Division of the Virginia Information Technologies Agency. As the Director of Enterprise Applications at the Virginia Information Technologies Agency and Chief Applications Officer, Ms. Feldmann is responsible for the Commonwealth’s data standardization, portfolio management and strategic applications planning.


  • Kathy Graham: Graham is Manager of the BI Competency Center to help Commonwealth agencies use the data they already possessed in order to make better decisions. Kathy’s current team, the core team for the Business Intelligence Competency Center, won the Digital Government Achievement award in 2009 for the web site’s reports “Where is Your Money Going?” that provide citizen input and funding reports for the Federal ARRA money. The team was able to design and implement that application in less than two weeks because the BICC had recently established a BI Shared Service and an architecture that made it easy to bring disparate data sources together.
  • Paul Flanagan: Mr. Flanagan has implemented business intelligence programs for enterprises in the private, not–for–profit and the public sectors. As a senior level strategic IT consultant, Paul works with senior executives, management and knowledge workers to determine the best implementation or upgrade of business intelligence tools. As part of BI implementations, Paul always establishes a BI center of excellence. Implementing this community of practice for knowledge workers is a recognized best practice for any BI implementation. This Business Intelligence Competency Center (BICC) empowers the knowledge workers to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of any BI installation.


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