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NASCIO All States Innovations Forum: New York City Connect Initiative - Standards Based Information Exchange within State Health and Human Services

  • 24 August 2010
  • Author: Mike Cooke
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This session will show how information exchange standards provide strategic capabilities that are making New York City a connected city. As integrated components of the enterprise architecture, standards based information exchanges allow information to be assembled, presented and shared across a wide agency user base.

You will hear how New York City's HHS-Connect program has:

  • broken down stove piped organizational boundaries
  • created dynamic data driven integration
  • enabled feature rich applications
  • provided more complete and timely information at the point of service delivery.

We will describe the power of these capabilities in non-technical terms while highlighting the dramatic reduction in development, maintenance, and security complexity. You will hear the lessons learned in implementing standards based information exchanges and how these capabilities may ultimately connect or provide information that can improve constituent quality of life and create operational efficiencies.


  • Joe Fleischman is the HHS Connect program/project manager within the office of the CIO for Health and Human Services of New York City. He is responsible for implementation of the City's core HHS Connect initiatives which include various front end and back end capabilities designed to improve access for citizens, streamline processes for NYC front line workers, and break down information silos across NYC health and human services.


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