NASCIO Webinars

Charting the Course for Information Sharing - Developing a NIEM Implementation Roadmap including the use of the NIEM Cost Model

  • December 2011
  • Number of views: 4510

In this webinar you will receive an overview of the NIEM Engagement Process and a live demonstration of the Cost Model. 

The NIEM Engagement Process was developed to meet the need for a structured framework to help organizations assess the value of applying NIEM to information sharing and exchange activities.  The NIEM Cost Model is a part of an overall NIEM Engagement Process that the NIEM Program Management Office (PMO) is developing. 

The National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) Cost Model is designed to quantify the inputs used for NIEM implementation within an organization.  It takes the NIEM Information Exchange Development Lifecycle, the processes that are associated with it, and relates associated costs. 

DNSSEC and the States, an Educational Webinar Hosted by the NASCIO Security and Privacy Committee

  • November 2011
  • Number of views: 5089

NASCIO invites you to listen to an archived educational webinar providing an overview of Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC), sponsored by its Security and Privacy Committee.

The webinar contextualizes DNSSEC as a security-enhancing tool states need to consider adopting as they evolve their IT security programs to better protect the IT network infrastructure that enables 21st century government. It provides an overview of Domain Name System Security Extensions as adopted and promoted by the Federal government for the .gov domain, along with a summary of the Commonwealth of Virginia’s DNSSEC initiative. The presentations describe the vulnerabilities that DNSSEC is designed to protect against, patterns of adoption within the Federal government, business drivers that led to Virginia’s project, and the state’s implementation experience.

Identity and Access Management in Health IT

  • November 2011
  • Number of views: 5626

Educational Webinar Hosted by the NASCIO Health Care Working Group and the State Digital Identity Working Group on Identity and Access Management in Health IT

NASCIO invites you to join an archived educational webinar on Identity and Access Management in Health IT.

The webinar highlights the benefits of an enterprise strategy for identity management for health IT. Currently, states maintain a variety of duplicative identity records for their residents – as well as a plethora of credentials associated with those identity records. As a result, a single person carries multiple credentials for a single common purpose: to prove that person’s identity as the basis for granting a privilege. Maintaining these redundant systems is costly, inefficient, and rife with security, privacy and safety risks—both for the state as well as its constituents.

Utah’s Cloud Computing Strategy

  • September 2011
  • Number of views: 17716

The state of Utah announced its cloud computing strategy in 2009 as a way to improve service to state agencies and other customers. In 2011, after its initial success, the state is preparing to update that plan to build on those early successes and identify how it will use the cloud to further enhance productivity and gain greater efficiencies. This presentation will examine the first two years of Utah’s cloud initiative as well as how the state is preparing to leverage the experience gained during this period.

State IT Workforce: Under Pressure and Trends in Government Use of Social Media

  • April 2011
  • Number of views: 4869

NASCIO and the National Association of State Personnel Executives recently hosted a discussion on the state government IT workforce, featuring an overview of State IT Workforce: Under Pressure, a January 2011 publication by NASCIO. The agenda included key state government information technology issues, including trends in government’s use of social media, featuring recent research by Jerry Mechling, Research Vice President, at Gartner.

Educational Webinar Hosted by NASCIO and the Smart Card Alliance - Personal Identity Verification Interoperability for Non-Federal Issuers

  • March 2011
  • Number of views: 4875
Educational Webinar Hosted by NASCIO and the Smart Card Alliance - Personal Identity Verification Interoperability (PIV-I) for Non-Federal Issuers: Trusted Identities for Citizens across States, Counties, Cities and Businesses

Federal, state, local, and tribal governments currently issue numerous credentials to constituents for access to facilities or services based on a variety of endorsements. Many of the endorsements provide citizens with access to federally funded programs, but the issuance of credentials remains program-specific and has become a redundant process for many agencies and departments. Issuing a digital identity that has multi-platform credentialing options will result in improved efficiency and convenience for both users and issuers. To the extent such a credential is honored by commercial entities, it will also improve efficiency and security of commercial transactions, including on-line transactions.

NASCIO All States Webinar: Take Advantage of GSA's Infrastructure as a Service Offerings

  • January 2011
  • Number of views: 4829

Cloud computing platforms are a high priority for state and local government Chief Information Officers. Recently, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) awarded contracts to provide services under a new Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Blanket Purchase Agreement. The goal of the webinar is to have GSA discuss how state and local governments can purchase services through this cooperative purchasing agreement. GSA will also discuss how the contracts were awarded, the services offered, common requirements, data control, security & privacy among other contract details.

Please submit advance questions on the registration page. Webinar information will be sent to registrants prior to the call. This webinar is restricted to government only.