Corporate Member Policy

NASCIO public and private sector members greatly benefit from growing levels of communication and participation within the association. Increased private sector interest and participation in NASCIO events, however, make it necessary to implement the following guidelines and policies in order to preserve a carefully cultivated climate among the two membership factions. Vendor support and compliance with these guidelines and policies will enhance the value of the NASCIO meetings for both public and private sector participants.

Corporate membership in NASCIO is encouraged to provide meaningful interaction between state CIOs, their staff, and members of the vendor community. Mutual benefit is derived from this interaction whereby:

  • Vendor/CIO relationships are established
  • CIOs learn what the future holds, as corporate members provide “windows into the future of IT”
  • CIOs learn about industry concerns, hurdles, and opportunities
  • Vendors learn of state/CIO needs and how they can best work together to fulfill them
  • Business partners share information and collaborate on critical issues

We respectfully remind all members that although NASCIO was founded for the exchange of information between public sector CIOs and their staff, vendors are invited to actively participate in NASCIO meetings and committee activities.


  • Corporate membership in NASCIO is $8,000 annually and membership runs on a calendar year. The deadline payment of corporate dues is January 31. All member benefits are cancelled if payment is not received in full by March 31.
  • Prorated dues only apply to new corporate members joining after June 15. This does not apply to companies that have previously been members, unless the membership has lapsed for longer than three years.

WHO SHOULD JOIN? Memberships are held in the name of the company.

  • Membership Contact: The corporate membership contact is the liaison between NASCIO and your company. NASCIO staff will communicate with you regarding your membership questions, conference information & opportunities, annual dues, company listings, etc.
  • Company Profile Contact: The company representative listed for this role in the membership should have U.S.-wide responsibility for relationship management and business development in the state government channel for the company. They are the contact posted for the company’s listings in the annual membership directory and for the online corporate profile, as well as the primary contact for representation on the NASCIO Corporate Leadership Council. This corporate contact is responsible and will be held accountable for company adherence to the NASCIO corporate member policy and code of practice.
  • Other Company Individuals: Corporate members are welcome to add as many company employees as they wish as long as they have a company email address.


  • NASCIO conferences provide excellent opportunities for corporate to state member networking as well as corporate to corporate networking. Please support the inclusion and participation of all registered members at all NASCIO sponsored program sessions (i.e., roundtables, lunch, and breakout sessions).
  • Sponsorships are sold on a first come first serve basis via an online system. Due to high demand, if a corporate member reserves more than one sponsorship per conference, both sponsorship's will be canceled and will result in a loss of the opportunity to sponsor at that event. This alleviates any equity concerns and prevents online sponsor opportunities from appearing to be sold out when in fact they were a duplicate.
  • NASCIO corporate members, partner entities, conference sponsors, and attendees are expressly prohibited from holding events/hosted meetings that run concurrently with NASCIO conference sessions, meetings, meals, receptions or any other conference-related events. There must be a thirty minute buffer from the conclusion of our event and the start time of your event/hosted meeting.
  • No exhibits and/or demonstrations of any type are permitted inside or on conference hotel property.
  • All corporate events or hospitality suites must be mindful of venue (i.e., hotel) rules such as noise levels, room occupancy limits, hotel food/beverage policies and general professional behavior.
  • No marketing material may be distributed at NASCIO conferences.
  • Gifts or other amenities may not be sent to the hotel room of any public sector attendee.
  • Corporate members are limited to a maximum of three representatives at each conference. (at a per person conference registration fee) 
  • Corporate members are not permitted to bring non-member guests to the conferences.
  • You must be a corporate member in good standing to sponsor a NASCIO event.
  • Corporate sponsors may receive additional paid and complimentary attendee allocations for certain sponsorship levels.
  • Corporate member conference registration allotments are not transferable to other brands or member companies.
  • Co-sponsoring of events is not permitted.
  • Co-branding or use of NASCIO logo is not permitted.
  • NASCIO conferences do not have trade show or exhibit space for corporate sponsors. Instead we invite corporate members to sit side-by-side with their government business partners and discuss issues facing the information technology field.
  • NASCIO will not use sponsor advertisements or other materials that criticize other corporate members.
  • Conference rosters are not to be harvested, sold to others, incorporated into any type of database, used to generate mailing lists, or employed for any promotional purpose.
  • Companies that continuously sponsor the Midyear and Annual conferences are granted the opportunity to send additional paying attendees to the conferences. (see chart)


Consecutive Sponsorships 3-4 5-6 7-8 9+
Additional Attendees 1 2 3 4




  • Any company that has not been a member in the past five or more years, or a past member that had a major organizational change (i.e. merger, acquisition, division, etc.), is considered a non-member. This also includes an individual that has not attended a NASCIO conference representing any company in a five-year period. 
  • Non-member companies or an individual may attend only one conference in a five-year period. In order to attend additional conferences, they must join as a corporate member. Non-member registration spots are limited to 8 companies per conference on a first-come, first-served basis and only one representative from a non-member company may attend.
  • Non-members cannot sponsor NASCIO events.


  • The CLC is comprised of prime designee corporate members committed to maintaining the value of its membership.
  • NASCIO public sector and corporate members greatly benefit from growing levels of communication and participation within the association, which makes it necessary to implement guidelines and policies to preserve the equity among the two core membership groups.


  • To maintain our membership equity, we ask all members to be respectful and cautious when sending emails and mailings to fellow NASCIO members. Member contact information may not be harvested, sold to others, incorporated into any type of database, used to generate mailing lists, or employed for any promotional purpose.
  • Be selective about who you send to the conferences.
  • Don’t expect to make a sale at the conferences. NASCIO conferences are designed to facilitate networking. Start by building relationships with CIOs, state members and fellow corporate members.


For organizations that are umbrella/parent companies, subsidiaries may be covered under the membership of the umbrella group; however, membership does not permit co-branding/co-sponsoring of these companies on the NASCIO website or sponsorship materials.  The combined total of conference attendees for the umbrella company and its subsidiaries will be three attendees. If more than three total attendees would like to attend a conference, the subsidiary company may hold a separate membership or sponsorship in order to take advantage of additional benefits.


Updated October 2018

For more information, please contact Lori Rempe, NASCIO Membership and Communications Coordinator at 859-514-9217 or