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Identity and Access Management in Health IT

  • November 2011
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Educational Webinar Hosted by the NASCIO Health Care Working Group and the State Digital Identity Working Group on Identity and Access Management in Health IT

NASCIO invites you to join an archived educational webinar on Identity and Access Management in Health IT.

The webinar highlights the benefits of an enterprise strategy for identity management for health IT. Currently, states maintain a variety of duplicative identity records for their residents – as well as a plethora of credentials associated with those identity records. As a result, a single person carries multiple credentials for a single common purpose: to prove that person’s identity as the basis for granting a privilege. Maintaining these redundant systems is costly, inefficient, and rife with security, privacy and safety risks—both for the state as well as its constituents.

Identity management of residents is a key component of health care systems in federal, state and local agencies. If states were able to consolidate duplicate identities and health records—and the credentials associated with those records—they could save time, money and improve service delivery. States could also advance consumer convenience, increase access to services, and improve personal health information security and privacy.

In an effort to lower the amount of data breaches and curtail identity theft, effective policies must enable trust across organizational, operational, physical, and network boundaries. The resulting framework will promote data security, privacy, and the high assurance authentication needed to secure information sharing and transparency in government. Guidance on the approach to identity management will encourage a shift away from stove-piped applications to an enterprise view of identity that enables use without creating redundant sources that are difficult to protect and keep current.

The educational webinar presents an overview of the benefits of using identity management for state-run health systems.

Our Panel of Speakers:

  • Doug Robinson, Executive Director for NASCIO
  • John Paulson, CIO of the Minnesota Department of Health
  • Thomas Baden, Minnesota Director of Enterprise Architecture/Technology
  • Mike Farnsworth, Project Manager at the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
  • David Mix, HIT/MITA Program Manager at the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services


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