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DNSSEC and the States, an Educational Webinar Hosted by the NASCIO Security and Privacy Committee

  • November 2011
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NASCIO invites you to listen to an archived educational webinar providing an overview of Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC), sponsored by its Security and Privacy Committee.

The webinar contextualizes DNSSEC as a security-enhancing tool states need to consider adopting as they evolve their IT security programs to better protect the IT network infrastructure that enables 21st century government. It provides an overview of Domain Name System Security Extensions as adopted and promoted by the Federal government for the .gov domain, along with a summary of the Commonwealth of Virginia’s DNSSEC initiative. The presentations describe the vulnerabilities that DNSSEC is designed to protect against, patterns of adoption within the Federal government, business drivers that led to Virginia’s project, and the state’s implementation experience.

  • Doug Robinson, Executive Director, NASCIO
  • Chris Klein, Senior Product Manager, VeriSign
  • Michael Watson, Acting Chief Information Security Officer, Commonwealth of Virginia


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