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2003 Awards: Innovative Use of Technology


Helping Kentuckians Participate in the New Economy: Kentucky Virtual Adult Education Portal

Standing back row, from left to right: Sue Patrick, Jacqueline Korengel, Norma Northern, Randolph Hollingsworth, CEO Daniel Rabuzzi, Vice President Cheryl King, Jim Thompson, Terry Tackett and Terry Pruitt.
Kneeling front row, from left to right: Elaine Maher, Marcy Parker, Tanzi Merritt, Tim Meshginpoosh, Deepa Dubal, Bryce Fields and Miko Pattie (standing).
Adult illiteracy is a serious problem in Kentucky with far-reaching effects. One in four Kentuckians age 25 or older have not obtained a high school diploma or GED, and nearly one million of the 2.4 million working adults (40% of Kentucky's workforce) perform at the lowest literacy levels. Adults with lower levels of literacy are less likely to be employed and more likely to experience poverty and poor health, which also places their children at risk.

In 2000, the Kentucky General Assembly enacted measures to reform the state's system of adult education. The Kentucky Virtual Adult Education Portal (www.kyvae. org) grew out of the need to reach more undereducated adults with improved access to basic reading, writing, math, and employability skills. Often, adults who need education the most are least able to pursue it—difficulty obtaining child care, transportation, or time off from work can get in the way of an education.

"The Kentucky Virtual Adult Education website is improving the lives of Kentuckians and promoting economic vitality across the Common- wealth. Kentucky's innovative efforts to increase access to GED and workplace education has substantially increased efficiences and is a stellar example of good government."
Governor Paul E. Patton, Commonwealth of Kentucky
In less than two years, KYVAE has revolutionized the way services are delivered to citizens, and thousands more are enrolling as a result. Without a template to follow, two state agencies, the Council on Postsecondary Education (including the Kentucky Virtual University) and the Department for Adult Education and Literacy, charted an innovative course to meet the needs of citizens. KYVAE offers these free services and benefits:
  • "Anytime, anywhere" access to quality curriculum, resources and instructional support through the KYVU help desk (1-877-740-HELP) and 24 x 7 technical support.
  • Career planning through ACT WorkKeys assessment and alignment to the ACT occupational database of over 9,000 job profiles that specifies required skill levels. Based on an individual's gap between their skills and the job requirements, KYVAE's curriculum offers the learner targeted instruction to develop the required skills in a high-touch, online environment.
  • Increased familiarity and confidence with computers, which can enhance adult learners' employment prospects.
  • A more seamless transition from adult to postsecondary education.
  • Increased cost-savings through economies of scale. The cost per student is decreasing and is already $132 less than the traditional adult learning center model of $382 per student.
Cheryl King, Associate Vice President and Commissioner of Kentucky Adult Education, sums up Kentucky's technological innovations best: "From the hills to the hollows and from the cities, towns, and farms, the KYVAE is providing convenient, 24-hour-a-day access to quality learning opportunities, no matter where you live in Kentucky."

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