State Technology Innovator Award Submission

Nomination Deadline: July 9

NASCIO’s State Technology Innovator Award honors outstanding individuals who have made contributions to advance the state’s technology policy agenda through the promotion of best practices, adoption of new technologies and advancements in service delivery.

Eligible nominees are employees of state government. State CIOs, elected officials, and contract employees are not eligible.

Nominations are only accepted from individuals within NASCIO member organizations. NASCIO Corporate Members may only nominate one individual.

The selection of the recipient is made by the NASCIO Executive Committee. They draw heavily on their expertise as leaders in information technology focusing on how the nominee has:

  • advanced state technology policy through leadership and advocacy
  • promoted the adoption of emerging technologies or promoted best practices or innovation in service delivery
  • Tell us about yourself:

  • Tell us about your nominee:

  • limit of ~250 words

    • - Nomination should focus on the individual’s contribution and how they are enabling IT to be transformational
    • - Nominee's work should stand independent of any product, platform or supplier
    • - Preference given to contributions that align with NASCIO’s State CIO Top Ten Priorities
  • limit of ~250 words

    • - Preference given to nominations that include specific and measurable impact
    • - Impact should extend past cost-savings, focusing on how IT can create positive impact for citizens
    • - Nominations should refrain from naming specific products and platforms (unless a product is new and crucial for understanding the nomination) and focus on how the application of the technology/implementation is new and different