Business Relationship Management and the New CIO Operating Model: A State CIO Panel

In support of the new state CIO operating model, AKA CIO as Broker, managing the many strategic relationships is key to the operation of the office of the state CIO. There is a growing focus on the adoption and further development of discipline in business relationship management for proactively engaging and partnering with key stakeholders including agency executive management, other jurisdictions at the state and local level, and trusted industry partners.

NASCIO publication, “Evolving Relationships: Business Relationship Management and the New CIO Operating Model” covers this important topic and this webinar brings together a panel of state CIOs to explore the growing importance of business relationship management and the findings that surfaced from NASCIO’s research project.

This conversation is facilitated by NASCIO President, Denis Goulet, CIO for the state of New Hampshire. Denis is joined by Dickie Howze, CIO for the state of Louisiana, Mike Leahy, CIO for the state of Maryland, and Nelson Moe, CIO for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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Evolving Relationships: Business Relationship Management and the New CIO Operating Model

Private Sector Perspectives

While business entities and government may have different goals, they often face similar challenges. A panel of corporate leadership address overlapping areas, sharing how their environments have shifted over the past year, how they’ve responded and how they’re moving forward.

Session from the NASCIO 2021 Midyear Conference.

Moderator: Nelson Moe, CIO, VA

Panel:  Jim Richberg, CISO, Fortinet | Jason Salzetti, SLED, Deloitte | Pranah Sinha, Sr. VP & CIO, Genesys

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Leadership Lessons Learned [During a Pandemic]

Good advice disguised as an entertaining story. These fast-paced talks highlight leadership lessons NASCIO members learned in unexpected ways.

Session from the NASCIO 2021 Midyear Conference.

Speakers: Shonte Eldridge, Executive Government Advisor, Amazon Web Services | Josh Wakefield, VP, Public Sector Services, Resultant | Aleta Jeffress, Senior Vice President, Consulting Services | Chris O’Brien, Partner – State and Local Government Segment Leader, Guidehouse

Shonte Eldrige, Executive Government Advisor, Amazon Web Services:

Josh Wakefield, VP, Public Sector Services, Resultant:

Aleta Jeffress, Senior Vice President, Consulting Services:

Chris O’Brien, Partner – State and Local Government Segment Leader, Guidehouse:

Resilience in State Government

The agility and resilience of state government was tested in 2020. It will be tested again; by natural disasters, cybersecurity incidents, attacks from adversaries, societal changes and pressures currently unseen. How does state government prepare for the unknown? How can resilience become a part of government’s people, systems and partnerships? What is the role of IT and specifically the state CIO? Watch the webcast to find the answers to those questions and insights from our panel.

Session from the NASCIO 2021 Midyear Conference.

Panel:  Dan Chenok, Executive Director, IBM Center for The Business Government | Mark Raymond, CIO, Connecticut | Stephanie Dedmon, CIO, Tennessee

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The Broadband Imperative

The pandemic brought new attention, immediacy and action to the issue of broadband in ways not previously seen. With its necessity on full display, citizens called for its expansion and governors proposed record investments in its infrastructure. Though state CIOs differ in their formal involvement with, and oversight of, broadband implementation, all know it’s importance to the services they provide and to their state’s citizens. This session explores how state CIOs, regardless of governance structure, support broadband efforts and their projections of what broadband looks like in the future.

Session from the NASCIO 2021 Midyear Conference.

Moderator: Tom Curtin, Program Director, Infrastructure, National Governors Association

Panel: Tarek Tomes, CIO & Commissioner, Minnesota |Tony Neal-Graves, CIO, Colorado | Scott Adams, Deputy Director for Broadband and Digital Literacy, California

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Projecting to 2025

While disruption and change are a constant, 2020+ brought this in abundance to most every person and every industry. This webcast addresses important questions including how will this shape how we live and work in the coming years? What do societal changes mean for state government; what role does information technology play; and how can states prepare now to anticipate future needs?

Session from the NASCIO 2021 Midyear Conference.

Panel: Amanda Crawford, Executive Director, DIR, Texas | Bill Eggers, Executive Director, Center for Government Insights, Deloitte | Steve Nichols, Chief Technology Officer, Georgia | Lee Raine, Director, Internet and Technology Research, Pew Research Center

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Match Game: Cybersecurity in Acquisition

A state CIO and CISO go head-to-head as contestants on NASCIO Match Game. Contestants try to match answers with the celebrity panel – authors of the recently released publication, Buyer Be Aware: Integrating Cybersecurity into the Acquisition Process by NASCIO, NASPO and CIS.
Session provides recommendations on how to integrate cybersecurity into the acquisition process, while having some laughs along the way.

Session from the NASCIO 2021 Midyear Conference.

Speakers: Ervan Rodgers, CIO & Assistant Director, Ohio | Jim Weaver, Secretary & CIO, North Carolina | Maria Thompson, State Chief Risk Officer, North Carolina | Matt Oyer, Deputy Chief Learning Officer, NASPO | Meredith Ward, Director of Policy & Research, NASCIO | Mike Garcia, Senior Advisor for Cybersecurity, Center for Internet Security

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Buyer Be Aware: Integrating Cybersecurity into the Acquisition Process

2021 Technology Forecast: Agility, Resiliency, and Uncertainty

This popular, annual webinar, presented by CompTIA-PTI and NASCIO, provides an overview of the pressing technology issues that will be impacting state and local governments for the coming year.

Doug Robinson, Executive Director, NASCIO, and Alan Shark, Executive Director, PTI will share their views of the technology landscape based on recent research activities and conversations with state and local government technology leaders.

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The Intersection of Workforce, Innovation and the Cloud – The Opportunities, Challenges and Lessons Learned

“Innovation and Transformation through Technology” has arrived on the list of State CIO Top 10 Priorities for 2020. “Cloud Services” continues to make a strong showing in the top three. We are in a new era when most people are working remote which requires new methods for communicating and leading. The current circumstances related to COVID19 bring with them unprecedented challenges that have given rise to rapid adoption of new ways to do work, new kinds of work, new skills, and new ways to manage and enable the state workforce. Learn how state CIOs are introducing new perspectives and initiatives to prepare for these changes that are ushering in a new state CIO operating model requiring new skills, knowledge and experiences. Learn how CIOs are purposeful in their communications and engagement with state employees in their organization in order to fulfill the changing mission of the state CIO.

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The State CIO Operating Model: Leveraging the Power of the Four Forces

This paper is the next in our NASCIO series “CIO as Broker.”  We delve further into the dynamics of the Four Forces that form the foundation for the Government Change Framework developed by Integris Applied.

These Four Forces greatly influence what the state CIO develops in the way of business and technologies strategies which are represented in the annual state CIO Top Ten priority strategies, policy issues and management processes.  The Four Forces actually have a bidirectional nature in that the state CIO will also leverage these Four Forces in developing approaches for achieving positive citizen outcomes.  The particular actions that any state CIO actually takes depend on the state CIO strategy being pursued and the specific dynamics of the Four Forces that exist within a particular state government.

We provide two examples or cast studies using two of the 2020 Top Ten priorities.  These include priority #2 – digital government and priority #5 – customer relationship management.

Accompanying this report is a webcast of a discussion of these concepts with two state CIOs.  Mike Leahy, CIO for the State of Maryland, and Todd Kimbriel, former CIO for the State of Texas.


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This webcast presents a discussion of how our state CIO panelists have addressed the business and technology challenges during COVID-19. The discussion includes strategies that recognize and leverage the Four Forces of Government Change Management. Join us to hear valuable insights presented by these state policy leaders as state government continues to address the current COVID-19 epidemic and plans to move forward to be prepared for post-COVID-19. Hosted by Eric Sweden, Program Director, Enterprise Architecture & Governance, NASCIO and facilitated by Patrick Moore, Managing Director, Integris Applied, Inc.