NASCIO Issues Advancing Digital Government: Better Decision-Making through Data Sharing Agreements


The National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) today released the first in a series of briefs focused on data sharing agreements. These agreements are essential to ensuring consistent expectations and no surprises when information is shared across government lines of business. This report focuses on how states can enable data sharing and guarantee success.   

“Data sharing agreements must be put in place to establish the terms of agreement, particularly when sharing sensitive data,” said Stu Davis, Chief Information Officer, State of Ohio, and co-chair of the NASCIO Data Management Working Group.  “Terms should be clearly specified and must align with an established set of principles that guide information sharing.  The intent is rather simple; let’s make sure decision makers have the information they need to reach the outcomes for our citizens that we’re trying to achieve.”

Dewand Neely, Chief Information Officer, State of Indiana, and co-chair of the NASCIO Data Management Working Group said, “We have hundreds of data sharing agreements that must be managed proactively. We need to provide for periodic review to determine if an agreement should be terminated, or revised based on business needs.

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