NASCIO Members and Conference Attendees Give Back to Salt Lake City, Host City of the 2015 Annual Conference

LEXINGTON, Ky., Tuesday, November 3 — State, associate, and corporate members of the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) donated a record $7,665 to the Sunnyvale Afterschool Program at the Refugee and Immigrant Center, Asian Association of Utah this October. Funds for the local organization were raised leading up to and during NASCIO’s 2015 Annual Conference held in Salt Lake City. In addition to funds raised, NASCIO contributed $5,000 – providing a grand total donation of $12,665 to the local organization as part of NASCIO’s Give Back program.

Donations made through the NASCIO Give Back program will support the Sunnyvale Afterschool Program in their important work by providing funding to upgrade the program’s computer lab and purchase learning acceleration software to help students build a strong foundation of literacy skills and core math concepts.

“The vast majority of the refugee youth we serve at Sunnyvale Neighborhood Center experience a large educational gap. The youth are placed in grades and classrooms that are far beyond their current level of understanding. One of the primary missions of the Sunnyvale Neighborhood Center Afterschool Program is to close that gap,” said Peter Frost, youth and family services supervisor for the Refugee and Immigrant Center, Asian Association of Utah. “Through the generous donation of NASCIO’s give back program the Sunnyvale Neighborhood Center Afterschool Program will be able to purchase a computer based learning program designed to identify any learning gaps so that specific educational lessons can be tailored to the individual refugee youth’s needs.”

Learn more about the Sunnyvale Afterschool Program and the Refugee and Immigrant Center at the Asian Association of Utah at