State Chief Information Officer and Executive Director Jason Allison, Florida Agency for State Technology, Profiled in NASCIO State CIOs Make a Difference Campaign

State Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Executive Director of the Agency for State Technology Jason Allison is making a difference in the lives of Floridians by focusing on best practices, quality and service.

Over the next two weeks, the National Association of State Chief Information Officers will feature the work and accomplishments of Allison and the Florida Agency for State Technology (AST) in the State CIOs Make a Difference Campaign. Allison and AST’s profile will specifically highlight the agency’s impact since its establishment two years ago, and the core principles that guide the agency’s work.

“Our priorities first and foremost are to meet the customer agency’s needs,” said Allison. “Our job is to be there to support them every step of the way. Technology is there to support the business; their successes are our successes.” 

To learn more about Allison and the work of AST, see the information sheet. Visit the campaign website at and follow #StateCIOsRock for campaign highlights and updates.