Hawaii Integrated Information Sharing and the Open Justice Broker Consortium

Join us to learn how the state of Hawaii has partnered with state and local government to share justice information using NIEM, and the Global Reference Architecture (GRA).

The presentation will focus on the Hawaii Integrated Justice Information Sharing (HIJIS) program, the state of Maine Incident Reporting Service, and the Open Justice Broker Consortium (OJBC).  The HIJIS program involves Hawaii’s state, county, and federal justice and related non-justice agencies for timely sharing of justice-related information.  The state of Maine has also joined the consortium as a contributing partner.  The OJBC is a consortium of state and local justice information sharing partnerships that is developing and supporting an open source, standards-based platform to enable information sharing services for HIJIS and its other member jurisdictions.  More information on the OJBC and how to join as a partner is provided at www.ojbc.org.

Eric Sweden,
Program Director, Enterprise Architecture & Governance

Clay A. Sato
Data Processing Systems Manager
Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center
Department of the Attorney General

Glenda Winn
Systems Analyst
Office of Information Technology
Maine State Police

Scott Came
Deputy Executive Directo


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